Reading Clients If You Believe In End Times

Each of us is perceiving the harmonic closing of reality in their own unique way, based on their DNA programming. For those in higher frequency, we have the luxury of glimpsing into a kaleidoscope of forgotten tones, hues, archetypes, and more. Life in the physical becomes more surreal as your consciousness migrates to the resonance of higher harmonics.

Reality seems to say one thing at a given moment .... then changes the next. The predictable of the universe has ended. As far away as the beginning of the universe ... the end can be seen ... when light and energy became matter .. the sought after God Particle (Higgs Boson).

A reader asked ... if matter can neither be created nor destroyed ... how can I see an ending and not continuity? His theory applies to all things within the consciousness hologram. What I am talking about is the end of the experiment when the hologram ceases to exist.

A friend on Facebook asked something I have also considered as a psychic reader. If I cannot see us here after 2012 ... how do I, or any psychic, or those who are psychic but don't read for others, predict the future? Well ........ that's a trick question and subject to the client's level of awareness. If they have figured out the end of the story, it is easy and we discuss things from that perspective as it applies to their lives and the world. If they are clues - and few of my clients are that entrenched in physical reality not to see what is going on - we talk timelines - as all realities co-exist in the collective unconsciousness so I pick one based on their emotional needs to continue to experience.

I'm lucky ... most of my clients already know reality is ending ... no biggie. Others will not accept that we are not going to a place where we live in love and light happily ever after in physical reality.

Ya know ... playing in physical reality had its perks (like romance, great sex, fun in nature, etc.) .... but it's time to go home.

Fact ... not everyone looking for a job in this recession is going to attract tone in the 11th hour as was the case in the past. It is almost 12:00. The rules are changing. People who lost jobs since 2008 have taken time to relax a bit, reinvent themselves and if they went the self-help route were taught that the job will come if they did whatever .... But that was then and this is now. The jobs aren't there to manifest ... and when they are ... the most unpredictable events occur.

Here is an example ... a client was interviewing for a high paying corporate job which I had predicted he would get after more than a year of searching. What was the twist? He didn't get the job he interviewed for. The CEO who interviewed him, got a better job during the interviewing process and he wound up with that man's job - more money, higher title, more potential, etc.

On the flip side ... what do I tell other people who I don't see getting a job after their money runs out?

What do I tell them when it comes to the natural disasters I see happening in their part of the world, that they won't accept?

What about all of my organic farmer clients or those building eco-friendly homes around the world?

Our reality is built on hopes and dreams for a better future. It's what keeps the gears of time running in the constant face of adversity. How do I tell people that the real happily ever after is when the program ends? I guess they have to figure that out for themselves.

As of this date, we are all touched by natural disasters, CME's and things that go 'spike in the grids'? Spikes drive people crazy especially those who are already deal with a chemical imbalance.

Political systems are collapsing in the Middle east and Arab Nations.

Religion is going the way of the dinosaur and people are not sure what to believe from mythological gods who will save them (Jesus could be a myth) to returning aliens (Nibiruan reptilians or others) who created us. (Was Jesus an alien insert as many believe?) Just stuff in the grid as we do our spring house cleaning that clutter our minds with outdated, outmoded inserts.

So what do I say as a psychic ... whatever I am guided to ... for better or worse ... in richer and poor till ... death do us part (actually reunite us).