Native American Grandfather Meditation

Find a place that is quiet and free of distractions.

Get comfortable.

Prepare as you would for meditation.

Envision yourself walking across the great plains of North America.

You come to a mountain that you must climb.

You know spirit will watch over you and guide your journey.

You begin your ascent to the top.

This journey represents your life path
in the evolution of your consciousness.

You travel around the spiraling mountain.

With each step you see another obstacle
falling away below you never to return.

How do you visualize your journey?

Is it a long ardous climb, or do you move with ease to the top?

Eventually you reach the top where you pause and look around.

Before you is a medicine wheel.

Move to the center and feel the energies.

If it is daytime, feel the warmth of the sun on your face.
If it is night time - look at the stars and try to determine a
familiar constellation that you can research later for symbology
and position in the sky to determine the 'season of your journey.'

What fragrances permeate the area?

Listen to the sounds. What do you hear?

Ask for your power animal to appear.

What do you see? Is there a message?

The time has come to receive ancient star knowledge.

Coming towards you is a Spirit in the form of a Grandfather.

Note his appearance.

Note his expression. What does it convey?

Does he seem familiar?

You acknowledge each other embracing the energies.

He may visit with you for some time or bring a message and move on.

He may ask you to go with him to a distant place
that your soul must now experience.

You may ask him for healing,
feeling his energies sweep through your body,
cleansing you on many levels.

Take your time.

Grandfather has come to share Star Knowledge.

Listen ... to his messages.

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