Parallel Journeys Mimic Other Timelines

Monday October 4, 2004

My friend Pat was here last evening after spending a week hiking with friends out west in the desert and mountains of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. They were 3 women, the power of 3, all of whom study metaphysics. In Utah they climbed Mount Zion where Pat instantly connected with Z's energies. At the end of the journey there was a sense of release and balance, the focus of Libra and the current energy grid.

In some ways their random journey of wandering, allowing spirit to guide their way, then returning to their point of organ, is the universe's way of creating an initiation, mimicking the path of humanity, in this case paralleling the timeline of Moses, Mount Sinai, freedom from bondage.

Trips that you have taken may parallel other grid programs, of which you are not aware unless you reflect upon them bringing parallel experiences into focus.

As you know, your physical body is surrounded in a grid matrix on all levels of experience. There are times you are guided to connect the dots/points in the grids to bring the aspects of your soul into balance, which is the name of the game.

Here is an example from my life. In 1991 I lectured and did readings on a transatlantic cruise aboard the QE2. At one point, I felt a definite connection with the aspect of my soul experiencing in the Atlantean Grid Program. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, I was guided to my cabin where I lay down and saw myself as I am/was in the Atlantis, as we call it.

Atlantis, A harmonic above middle C, the third eye, blue/indigo

Pyramids within Pyramids Flowing Together

I saw what is called the ethereal Atlantean Pyramid

made of crystals, crystal harmonics.
I became a crystal within the crystals resonation to different tones.

Images were shown to me in flashes, as if I was there, followed by a strong pull to connect with other aspects of my soul experience whose grid matrixes had connected with this lifetime, union, connect the dots and become consciously aware.

There I was in parallel lifetimes in and around the Atlantic Ocean, having different names in each. In the Atlantean program, the great sea is/was not called Atlantis, but a word created by various sounds I cannot transcribe on paper. If you believe you are from Atlantis, please pause and listen to them in your mind. Is it any wonder I have lived all of my life on the Atlantic, and at this point, live in the energies of the harmonic of the bridge.

I sensed the Atlantic as home, a rising from the sea, the Atlantic being the feminine and the Pacific the masculine, Earth changes being a way to create reunion of 2. I saw 2 giant pyramids of light coming from the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans meeting, above and below the planet, the diamond shape, as if encompassing the planet in a giant star tetrahedron of light, creational grid matrix, spiraling me home.