It All Means Something

  2009 Nobel Peace Prize Wikipedia - October 9, 2009

Two weeks ago, I dreamed of Anubis as I saw him for an instant in profile ...

Then again ... it might have been the Sphinx.

It meant something past and present.

A few days later, synchronicity brought me to Philadelphia, where I spent a day with my friend Sherif, who is Egyptian. Though I'm not much into sightseeing, I was drawn to the Liberty Bell with an inner knowing that being there with Sherif meant something.

Thursday, in a session with George, I was back in "the classroom" watching the '12 around 1' create programs through consciousness entered into a central core. I saw intertwined rings (they looked brass, which takes us to alchemy and transition metal) that were rotating within each other, creating/keeping time. Within the rings was a vertical rod (harmonics) with a glowing orb on the top. I generally see myself as a teacher, as does George. As I returned to my body, the rings stopped moving.

Tones also take me to my 'music box experiences' where the tones of a music box physically appear out of nowhere and are heard in my home. Harmonics create realities of experience. This means something.

Sometime in the early 1990's I did a remote view under the sphinx where I saw the same rings, active and humming. A few days later, synchronicity connected me with a man and a woman in San Francisco who had the same experience at the same time. This meant something.

Thursday night on Fringe, in an episode called "Momentum Deferred"
when Olivia remembered her time with William Bell in the parallel universe,

she was triggered by the sound of a bell.

In a universe/university, bells always signal the beginning or end of class.

In each 'time slip' with William Bell we see a sundial next
to a bell which reminded me of the brass ring experience.

Olivia is the Chosen One, the Guardian of the Gate between universes.

Dogs, seated like Anubis, are the Guardians of the Gates to the other side.

It all means something ... or nothing at all.

Anubis and the Hand of Destiny