Contact With The Dead

September 26, 2006

With everything melting down, and heating at the same time, balance of nature, World 'warmest for 12,000 years' BBC, September 26, 2006 , signaling the recycle of time, many psychics and overworked healers are crossing over. For the healers, most had issues and were working them out by healing others, but burned out.

Recent client themes reflect people coming for readings who had used the services of the same psychic for many years, the psychic now deceased. Bonds are formed.

So what happens when psychics cross over? They find it easy to communicate their messages through telepathy, dreams, fragrances, telekinesis, etc. They are well practiced.

We are all psychic in our own way and growing in abilities.

Psychics find their connection to the frequencies of the other side and maintain their lines of communication when here. Once there, they communicate using familiar patterns. (Don't forget, none of us are really here, just thought projections.)

If you are psychic, you can do mediumship. You know it all goes to self-esteem and trusting messages received.

Deceased psychics often show up at a reading with one of their former clients, though the client never tells me about them before they contact me during a session.

The psychic often became a friend to my client, or had a co-dependent relationship through the years, when no one else understood or was willing to listen. Soap Operas. Keep in mind, the world of metaphysics is being saturated with souls who cannot find answers anywhere else and think a healer or psychic can make it all better.

Many believe that people with psychic abilities are crossing over now in preparation for the ongoing shifting in consciousness that draws souls to it. Maybe.

They believe that when the program ends, these souls have a mission from the other side (higher frequencies). This would involve removing fear as souls detach from the physical grid and guiding them, just as others do on this side (physical reality, healing, guiding, balance for understanding) Maybe.

Many deceased psychics and souls quickly move into the light now to shed the debris of physical reality and recreate. But they won't know what to do if they don't understand what is happening and how the illusion of time is distilling as we move from one global catastrophe to another in the sectors of time.

Current holidays open doorways

for spirits to move back and forth.

My friend Ron called to tell me that his grandmother died. I have currently heard about many deaths.

Check out my situation ... My ex-husband Ralph died last November. We had remained friends. You may recall that in January he left to find out what was in higher frequency. I wasn't sure when he would come back, if at all.

Ralph always honored the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, this year October 1. He would often go to the cemetery and visit the graves of deceased family members. (I just discovered my plot is #36. How fitting!)

Anyway, I assumed my daughters were handling the arrangements for his stone, as Jews have an unveiling one year later.

As a soul group, they are into spirits not burial arrangements, but Ralph wanted a stone.

There was Ralph, back again last week and asking me about his stone. Apparently the opening of the gates between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur signaled his return.

Over in New Jersey, my daughter, Zsia was helping her 8 year old son, Michael, with his homework. The project involved the arrangement of letters to create words and sentences. This is a form of divination.

There were just a few letters left as Michael finished. Zsia took the letters and moved them around for fun. When she stopped ... she paused as much to her surprise they spelled out "Ralph C U". Everyone's a comedian!

About the stone for Ralph ... an ex-wife's work is never done! I spoke to my neighbor down the hall, who is in the funeral business and all is being arranged.