Archetypes, Teleclass and Workshop

May 12, 2005

On the path to enlightenment, the teacher will find that which she or he seeks from the lessons. Last night I began the journey for my workshops about physical and transcendental archetypes for healing and initiation, to be given next week. It is here that I discovered a doorway through which students will pass from physical symbology to hyperspace and beyond.

We will be in the energies of a Full Moon 2 Sagittarius, Reunion of 2, Duality, through the heart center, the Archer, the Arcs, the Archetypes.

In the energies of Gemini - twins, Mercury, Communications, I have Mercury in Gemini, my students and I will cross a threshold of wondrous elements to engage and ignite our twin flame aspects. Gemini= Castor [Zoroaster at middle 'C', the heart] and Pollux [polls at zero point in time, 'X', as is above, so is below.]

Today I move forward with class preparations. It would appear, that days, sometimes weeks, before a class begins, energies are set in motion to be revealed, even to myself, as we steer our course through this plateau and back home. It's all about the magic and mysteries of the mind and consciousness. Apparently the workshop in California this October is part of the journey. [see below]

The Parting of The Twins, Twin Flames

'All Alone Am I'

Speaking of twin flames, and events repeating in time, once again I woke up singing. (big laugh) This time it was the Brenda Lee song, "All Alone Am I".

I haven't ended a relationship, therefore I know the song has to do more with the separation of self, twin aspects, polarities, and the fact that others need to read about my latest rendition.

It's about finding ourselves alone in this reality, our inner child set down on the shores of foreign soil / soul. Reality is just a single 'heartbeat' away ...

when the waterfalls merge above and below

in the sea of consciousness

looking like the top of a heart, in and out of the 'tree'!

It's a funny thing about my journey here ... I have never felt alone or lonely. There is always something to do.

Below are the lyrics for 'All Alone Am I." Check them for metaphors and draw your own conclusions, especially if you have just ended a relationship, or 'cannot stand' to be alone, then surely you will 'fall'.

Close your eyes. Relax your body and mind ....
Center ... center again ...
Take several slow deep breaths.
Listen to the music.
Go to your heart center.
What do you feel?

UFO Conference, October 15-16

My friend Ian, who is a speaker at the event, sent this welcoming email.

I have been invited to speak at northern California's largest and most prestigious annual UFO conference in San Jose in October. I am told that attendance is around 1,500 people. Though I have attending such events as press or friend of someone presenting, I have never been a presenter. I guess there's a first time for everything. I will be meting with old friends and new. 2005 appears to be the year for me to travel and experience away from my computer.

I receive many emails from readers in California, especially northern California, who would like me to be part of an event there, yet the timing never seemed right. The time is 'now' for me to come forth with my work especially as the stats are increasing so rapidly knowing that something linked to the greater body of my work, will evolve from that forum. Monday, Crystalinks received 1,802,824 visitors. When I first looked at the numbers, I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to reload the stats program to be sure it wasn't an error. I want to thank you all for your support.

Though I am not listed yet on the UFO Conference website, as I just accepted the invitation, here is the Link.

I will most likely be talking about the alien experience based on interviews with abductees now and through the years. Remember that I used to hypnotize people to that end and have met most of the important researchers through the years. I suppose I could have written a book about it all, but it never called to me as the focus of my work.

Tick Tock!

My agenda has always been about awakening consciousness and closing the program. The event organizer asked me if I could speak for as long as an hour and a half. I am just warming up at that point ... as on and on we go into the second half of 2005 to seek destiny and a way off the 'plateau'. Both trips I will take this year, Germany and California, will guide me to that end. Can you feel the energies bringing this all together?