Wake up Dream

Saturday October 4, 2014

It was wartime present day. I am not sure who I was but I was trying to help people win a battle that we knew was futile ... shades if ISIS. We retreated further and further backwards.

Segue... I followed a man into what seemed like a university auditorium. He was a fair-skinned blue-eye male in his 20's with a crew cut. He was so clear. He told me his name was Danny. Troops in tanks were approaching as I looked over at him, people screaming everywhere. What could we do?

Segue ... He looked at me as we instantly time traveled to WWII Germany in the same location. He said he was from the Ayran race and was not human. I was shaken - my fear turning me into Dilmun my reptilian male counterpart. It was as if time was quickly being pushed backwards. Suddenly Danny was gone and I saw myself as a soldier in the endless wars that have plagued humanity. It all streamed by in a flash yet this review meant something.

Segue ... I found myself on an Anunnaki ship (I think it was a ship) where others like me were trying to adjust the grids so the hologram would shut down and in so doing would have to align something I can't describe. My presence was acknowledged as if returning from a mission on time.

Segue ... Telepathically I conveyed my information into some sort of device as if it was the final component needed for closure. The alignment began. I felt myself and others anxiously watching. Suddenly everything faded to black and I was in the void ... before time began.

Segue ... I woke up and started writing my notes. Just as I came to the end ... my pen ran out of ink though I had just put a new pen in my drawer this week. I grabbed a pencil as the last memories of the dream were about to leave my consciousness ... I scribbled them quickly. The empty pen told me ... there was nothing left to write in the story of our experience here. The pencil ... that which can be erased to make corrections though none were needed the dream details still clear.

Segue ... 7:30am at the computer ... I received an email from a client named Kim, 43. She wanted me to call her if I was awake. Kim and I have become friends over the years. She told me that this morning she was going to be implanted with her egg fertilized by her husband two years ago when a similar IVF procedure produced a beautiful baby girl. This was the last egg and she was leaving it to fate to see if it would take. When she heard my voice today, just after I typed the first part of this blog, she said I sounded different, like I wasn't here, and that I sounded like a man. All of this makes sense somewhere.

In Search of The Master Plan

Friday night H2 aired the season finale of In Search of Aliens called "The Alien Code". I watched it this morning after making notes about my dream. Georgio and David were once again in search of proof that we have been visited by aliens in the past. The episode had inserts (clips) from other episodes this season, but life is about inserts, you just have to be able to spot them. What was so amazing was their discussion about the Fuente Magna Bowl as I just blogged about it Thursday. There can be no doubt this is all an experiment ... one that is about to end ... inserts in a hologram that alter as if programmed time capsules. The same mathematical design left the same imprint in all ancient civilizations across the globe. Did ancient aliens visit and leave us clues about our origins? It's all part of the "Master Plan". If you have time you should watch the TV show as I know it will rerun over the next week ... just as our reality is a series of reruns in the loops of time.

When you think about alien civilizations out there, you generally go to something that you've seen or read about that we currently call science fiction. It may have triggered a memory for you at that time.

You probably believe we are not alone.

If you understand the hologram, you understand that anything goes and can be created in our illusion - and you are waiting to see what the grids have planned.

You may have experienced UFOs and/or something that falls under the heading of "aliens".

You may be programmed to wait for their return which gees with the return of creator gods.

You, or someone you know, may have channeled aliens or groups of aliens.

None of this matters or affects the outcome of the hologram.

You are done with speculation, lights and objects in the sky, conspiracies, and the rest.

October 4, 1957

The Sputnik Space Program Begins

  Sputnik Google Videos

October 4, 1967

Shag Harbor Incident

  Shag Harbor Incident Google Videos

October 4, 1929 - September 27, 2004

John Edward Mack

  John Edward Mack Google Videos

John Mack was an American psychiatrist and
Harvard Professor who wrote about alien abductions.

I met Dr. Mack at CBS in NYC and Budd Hopkins at a MUFON Conference.
I would meet them several more times in the years that followed.

Mack described their meeting as one of those moments you remember,
where something shifts and you know your life will never be the same.