Creating Abundance

Abundance means different things to different people, and references love, finance and security and most of the things believe we need in abundance to keep us happy in the games of reality. To feel love in your heart and to be able to give and get love, is abundance enough for many souls. Abundance can be financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Abundance is guided by the power of attraction, synchronicity and the power to manifest, The Secret. You attract abundance based on what you think you deserve in life and lessons to be learned. If you are functional, you will attract abundance in a functional way. If you are dysfunctional, you will attract drama and may never figure out why, blaming the world for your loses.

Emotional Abundance

We play the games based on our emotional needs, more than any other. Whatever happens to us, we immediately process through our emotional bodies then react in the physical. This goes to awareness and acceptance of one's emotionally issues and healing them. This will result in balance in your life. If you feel you are worthy of emotional abundance you will create it by heal issues quickly, not allowing anyone in your life to push your buttons and take away your personal power. You will love and be loved and generally not feel alone.

Co-dependency and Abundance

Many people can only be happy in co-dependent relationships where they share their abundance with another. Alone they cannot manifest anything into their lives, or so they think. This all goes to the patterns of their lives, genetic code and emotional problems.

Financial Abundance

When one of abundance, they always think of money first, as money is power and can help in many ways that are important in western civilizations. It's interesting that some people are able to generate money into their lives no matter what they do. They lose and gain fortunes over their life time, though for most, a fortune lost will not return. A friend has told me that they have earned the money with good karmic merit. Maybe, but a poor person cannot blame lack of money on bad karma from another lifetime. On some level these souls know how to attract abundance and make it work, because they adjust their grid of manifestation to create money.

The soul and your grid manifest money is many different ways, if you watch the patterns in your life you will understand how they unfolded at the different stages of your experience in the physical. This all takes us to The Secret, the Law of Attraction a theory that has been around for eons. Example; You need money to pay bills. You are not sure how or where it will come from, yet it is always there, whether you find it, win it, get a cash settlement, earn it, no matter how, the money arrives in the 'Eleventh Hour'. In that desperate moment of fear, you raise your grid frequency and create money needed. It is you who has attracted this abundance into your life.

Then there are the people with low self esteem who never see themselves rich or in a comfortable lifestyle They may fantasize being rich as many people do , but it will not happen as they will not attract it to themselves on another level. They usually play the lottery hoping for the "Quick Fix"!

The Luck Factor

Sometimes our lives seem to be following a lucky streak. We may attribute it to astrology, numerology, good karma, or others aspects influencing us at that moment in time. Some people seem to be lucky at gambling while others never win anything. Many suffer from Gambling Addictions, losing in the end and causing loss to those around them. Luck

Accidents and Illnesses (Personal Sabotage) Can Bring Abundance

Why do people create accidents - time and timing. The answers go to wanting money, attention, emotional problems, and burn out. Today, souls are tired especially with the changing frequencies leaving them to wonder what life in the physical is all about. There are no accidents. All things happen for a reason. We attract everything that happens in our lives whether we know it consciously or not. There is an interesting pattern related to accidents to gain abundance. People have accidents and illnesses to they don't have to work and to gain abundance in lawsuits, other. But is it worth it to sabotage one's body in that way? People who are mentally ill, will sabotage as they cannot function due to an unrecognized, untreated chemical balance in the brain.

Ritual Practices

Many people believe that abundance will come by:

- lighting certain colors of candles
- working with certain colored crystals
- working with certain essences
- setting up altars in a certain way
- praying to certain Saints or God himself
- sacrificing certain personal items
- setting up certain rituals at certain times of the year, like solstices
- sacrificing animals
- chanting and dancing

If the ritual results in taking financial abundance from another, creating an imbalance in your life and in the universe, then it will not work. You can get the money but you will have to pay a high personal price down the line.

Career and Job

Most people create financial abundance by working. But not all people are paid fairly in their jobs. Many are in the wrong career. If this is the case, abundance will not come until changes are made, if possible.

Abundance Through Spiritual Work

It has become increasingly difficult to earn a living doing spiritual work. Most people who get into metaphysics do so as part of a healing process so they can move into higher frequencies and release blockages. Some go on to become healers and energy workers. There are so many out there, the field is saturated, yet often needed in different parts of the world.

There are thousands of psychic readers who have opened their gifts and want to earn a living doing readings. Some find financial abundance while doing spiritual work, but for most its supplemental income. Developing a system, selling CD's, books, crystals, or giving workshops and lectures can add to revenue. There is a lot of multi-level marketing of health food products and such the clients are telling me about.

Be careful about investing your money here as you probably will not earn very much and will lay out a heck of a lot of money. Metaphysical Centers often close as they cannot afford to cover their overhead and its spiritual inception eventually gives way to dramas. You may feel that abundance will come as you are working with spirit, but that is not always the case.

You will attract exactly what your grid seeks to experience, enough abundance to keep you interested in the game. Good luck!