50 Years Ago the Verrazano Bridge Opened

Verrazano Bridge   Crystalinks

I took this photo today as cannons rang out, spray passed under, and helicopters flew over, the bridge.

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Bensonhurst Bean- November 21, 2014

50 years ago today on November 21, 1964 the Verrazano Bridge opened to much hoopla in Brooklyn and Staten Island. I was 21 years old and have never forgotten the thrill of crossing over the bridge for the first time with my husband Ralph, in our shiny new convertible.

In the decades that followed, what was farm country became suburbia to families who migrated over the bridge from Brooklyn, to raise their families. From Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge to Staten Island then later to New Jersey - that pattern continues.

Living on or near water is part of our physical experience here. I have never lived more that 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. 26 years ago ... moving to an apartment facing the bridge never crossed my mind ... and yet something about the bridge stirred my soul.

On June 10, 2009 at 8:00 AM - when everything outside physically Faded to Black for 5 minutes - intuitively I ran to the window facing the bridge as if I knew that is where I will be facing when the hologram ends.

Many people have reported seeing UFOs over the bridge, including my students while meditating here, though I have never seen a ship pass over. It's the ships that pass under that always attract my attention ... as they enter NY harbor. I've watched ocean liners embrace the sea on their maiden voyage. It's all very inspiring when I sit here writing every day.

The bridge is like a giant megalithic structure. It's arches have been called tuning forks and antennae ... the cables resonating harmonics into the grids. It is often referred to as a gateway between realities.

I have written many blogs incorporating the Verrazano Bridge into my story lines. The bridge been used as the backdrop for many famous movies including "Saturday Night Fever".

I never go to bed without looking out over the bridge perhaps to watch a majestic sunset or just to experience the energies. I know it's part of the reason I am here.

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