Inauguration Day - January 20, 2017

The Trump Era Begins

I took this pic Monday evening showing the number of people who attended the inauguration. It looks full to me.

It was an unparalleled moment in the human experience/experiment when outdated systems ended and new paradigms began - as always with resistance and uncertainty. If there is one thing we have earned about healing is that many people are programmed to suffer and remain in bad situations rather than face new challenges and move forward.

Everything changes and keeps us engaged, but beware of diversions. Never did I feel something was more orchestrated - even the raindrops as Trump began his speech - than I do about this presidency - to bring closure. Part of me wants to say, "It's about time." Bear in mind that everything was set up following the algorithm of the Masonic program ... from George Washington to Donald Trump. Delete the word "boring" from your vocabulary as you look into the future. What is your intuition telling you?

The election of Donald Trump brings rallies and protests across the nation highlighted tomorrow with the Women's March on Washington. Last night, on her way home from work, my daughter Nikki passed the protest that was going on near Trump Tower. She said it was orderly, but wondered if this is our future. The answer is yes - no matter who became the 45th president as souls across the world fight for freedom and a life that makes sense. So on we go with the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump as the world watches and wonders how it will affect them personally and globally.

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Taking the oath of office

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An ice-cold handshake at last between President Trump and Hillary Clinton -
after she sits glum-faced through his inauguration as crowd chant 'lock her up'

Outdated norms, traditions, and the old establishment be gone. It's a new dawn and a day.

Trump's speech is the beginning as he paints a grim but true picture of America today.

The First Dance - There were three Inaugural Balls

The Letter

You have to wonder what's in the letter Obama just left for Trump. This tradition goes back to Ronald Reagan who in 1989 left a letter for his successor George H. Bush. After that, every outgoing President has left a letter for the incoming president. Some speculate that truth about many things Trump will reveal is in the hand written letter. But would Obama trust Trump with that information or will Trump find it out another way?

Millions March for Human Rights January 21, 2017

Donald Trump's Palmistry

I took this picture Friday morning because I wanted a better look at Trump's palm though I couldn't see the lines clearly so I will pass on reading them other than to say he has three marriage lines.

Skin tone denotes no major emotional problems, medications or substance abuse. This shows more readily in a palm print so it's hard to all here, but I would rule out clinical depression and heavy meds. His other issues are self evident.

When the palm is longer in proportion to the fingers - this denotes the daydreamer - see themselves in an idealistic way - one who creates something in their mind and generally goes for it. Big ego. "I am the biggest, the best, the only one who can solve the problem, or create the next best way of doing things". You know the pattern. Most of these people have their 15 minutes of fame and fade into the woodwork, forever trying to find fame again, but that is not Trump's programming, though he has had his share of failures.

The Mercury finger (pinky, communication and transportation) bent inward denotes a person who has trouble expressing what he really wants to say or write. They can hold things in but when they are ready to speak about something that bothers them, they erupt. Twitter would be a good vehicle for Trump because he doesn't have to say it verbally for millions to listen and writing skills are not needed. Trump's Mercury finger is long which means he would travel a lot, be drawn to media, and seek attention. Bad with criticism. Takes things personally. You know the rest.

The Apollo finger (ring, creativity, health, interests) bent towards the Saturn finger (middle, karma) means the person plans their life based on fulfilling their karmic blueprint at any and all costs. They can manipulate situations and feel guided to make the decisions they do. Intuition can come into play complete with synchronicities.

The Jupiter finger (index, power, control), is my favorite as it shows strength and I love strong people. The longer the Jupiter finger, the strong the person with good abides to manifest.The longer it is in proportion to the Apollo finger the stronger the person is. Here we find leaders and teachers who can do it with ease. Trump's Jupiter finger appears shorter than his Apollo finger which means he might try to lead but would come into conflict with himself and others. He definitely needs trusted people around him to show him the way. I am surprised his Jupiter finger isn't longer. Trump's Jupiter finger slightly bends in toward his Saturn finger ... completing his karma is foremost. This would tell me he is programmed to become a leader and change everything.

Venus finger (thumb) ... I checked other images of Trump's hands to confirm that it bends (vs. straight, stubborn) meaning a person who enjoys giving and helping others especially those who support his ideals. This is how Trump sees himself. His strong Venus Mount (the palm below the Venus finger) denotes one who would always have money and love.

The space between the Mercury and the Apollo fingers denotes a move at that time in the person's life. Trump goes to Washington.

The space between the Apollo and Saturn fingers denotes debts. Trump's hand show little to no debt at this time.

The space between the Saturn and Jupiter fingers denotes someone in battle others who are trying to control him. I feel life has always been a battle for him ... one that he generally wins.

On a side note ...yesterday, as I watched Trump's brief speech after the concert, I noted that he does not wear a wedding ring. Of course we know what that is about. I don't think he'll have the stamina that former presidents like JFK and Bill Clinton had, but there will be other women, not that any of that matters to us. I see Melania at home in New York City with some time spent in the White House, but not that much.