The Unconventional Convention Day 4 - Acceptance

In a country divided - Donald Trump made his case - passionately and humbly (his word) accepting the nomination for president and reiterating themes all delegates say and believe they can accomplish. The question remains - can he or Hillary turn the country around? I don't believe anyone can - but for all their faults - each would try. Trump cast himself as the savior of our nation during his 75-minute acceptance speech which he believes in or he would not have run for office. If you know one good thing about him ... he will work hard. As always I enjoyed his family. Their connection reads as sincere. He can thank them if he wins in November.

Watch the video because Trump is right.   Donald Trump's America: Scary but fixable   CNN - July 22, 2016
Donald Trump painted a foreboding picture Thursday of an America adrift as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination with a sober speech in Cleveland. He invoked a nation imprisoned by its own rotten political establishment and clawing special interests, at risk from terrorists who could be disguised as Syrian refugees and stalked by tens of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals. Trump has demonstrated a knack for channeling the nation's mood. His convention message is tailored for a country grappling with mounting anxiety over a rash of terror attacks at home and abroad, and a feeling that something is badly wrong after a spate of shootings of police officers, rising racial tensions and a globalized economy that has left many Americans behind. Trump's speech may have hit on a message that could propel him to the presidency.

  10 takeaways from Donald Trump's Republican Convention   CNN - July 22, 2016
Donald Trump painted a picture of a dystopian America -- and sold himself as the only one who can fix it.

If we wind up with another Republican Congress, Hillary will get little done while Trump will make inroads. Do we like Trump and Hillary? No. Do we know their shortcomings? Yes - or at least most of them. On we go next week to the Democratic National Convention featuring Hillary Clinton and her soon to be announced VP. People close to her campaign have signaled that it will be Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, a popular politician from a battleground state. Democrats will make a good case for their candidate but it's a long road to November 8, 2016 and much will happen.

Don't you feel that time is accelerating at this level of conscious awareness while outside physical reality it is slowing down and about to stop ... more easily equated to being in an accident when your conscious leaves your body and time resets for you as you return to this part of the illusion.

Visualize a clock in your mind. What do you see? I see this ...

The Unconventional Convention Day 3 - Cruz Overshadows Pence - No Unity

Everyone played out their roles exactly as scripted - the drama many were waiting for. The unity needed to help defect Hillary never happened. The Republican Party is falling apart - or simply adapting to the energies of the times. Below are videos you might enjoy. Here are a few videos from the evening.

Before the convention started.

Here's that Cruz speech everyone will remember.

Great job Eric. Perhaps you will run for office one day ...

Pence may have saved the night.

Good speech but he's a seasoned politician...

Stephen Colbert knows how to explain it all.

Play along ...

Venting ... (1) The delegates when Ted Cruz's speech overshadowed Pence's speech. (2) Cruz as he refused to endorse Trump and was booed off the stage - his wife, Heidi, having to be escorted out of the convention for her protection. In Cruz defense - his speech expressed what many Americans feel ... helpless and hating everything going on. On another level - Cruz is part of the take-down of the old political system and couldn't endorse someone he hates as much as Trump ... emotions ... emotions. I'm sure there's an emoji for this.

You may wonder why someone better qualified had not run for office in either party. Tom Brokaw answered that question but saying candidates today are put under a microscope and most people are not interested in exposing themselves and their families to that kind of scrutiny. Few people today are beyond reproach, and it's just not worth the risk especially in an age of social media and its effect on human consciousness.

Turning things around in this country in a time of global revolution is not for everyone or anyone. Hillary is so indoctrinated/programmed to be president, I often wonder if she realizes the mounting obstacles ahead and if its worth it at her age. It's a game she has played for decades with Bill - like being on a carousel unable to get off.

As you and I known - nothing can change what is already set in motion. Let's start with the oppressive heat wave facing the nation that grows worse each year. Climate and natural disasters are accelerating. The human climate grows weary - filled with frustration and anger - acting out. This is not just any chapter in human history - but is part of the final chapter of our experience here.

People wake up each day and hope for something positive in their lives and the world. They pray and meditate for peace ... There are good days and bad days or no days at all as time is the illusion..

  7 takeaways from wild night at GOP convention   CNN - July 21, 2016
Ted Cruz stole the show, and then Donald Trump stole it right back. The long, divisive primary of 2016 played out in one final, spectacular episode on live television Wednesday night on the floor of the Republican National Convention. Trump goaded Cruz on Twitter after the speech, writing: "Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!"

Trump is right. Destiny is taking over and truth will out... Trump is another player in the game who - like others before him - think they can save the nation and save the world. Sorry but that's not going to happen. We are all leaving.

The Unconventional Convention Day 2 - It's Official

Tuesday July 19, 2016

Elephants produce several sounds, the most well known being the Trump-et, which is made during excitement, distress or aggression. The Lion will roar on Friday when Leo takes center stage, but Thursday night the elephant will trump-et as Trump gives his acceptance speech and the face/fate of history is forever changed. It's all just a game ... a game changer if you will ... following ... searching ... Pokemon GO-P.

Tuesday night Donald Trump won the Presidential nomination on a roll-call vote.
Hundreds of delegates voted for other candidates (see video).

I watched Chris Christie makes his speech. He always looks sorrowful but now with reason as we know he was Trump's first choice for VP but was out because of the George Washington Bridge Scandal. Once that story made the press we all knew his chances for becoming president or VP were squashed. (Yet Hillary escaped prosecution). There will be other opportunities for Christie if/when Trump gets elected.

Last night the speeches were just what you might have expected with greater emphasis on defeating Hillary than praising Trump who has yet to lay out his plans as to how he is going to achieve his goals. Politicians - and Trump may become one at some point - talk a good game but rarely deliver. So why do people think Trump will be different? Ah ... it's that word again ... "Hope". And yet most of know he could destroy civilization as we now it. Worth the risk vs. more of the same old ... same old. I vote Yes and let the chips fall where they may in end times.

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's late night shows did a great job mocking the RNC convention. Both opened with their impression of Trump taking the stage Monday night as the music played "We Are the Champions" by Queen who tweeted: "Use of the song at the Republican Convention was against our wishes."

The Unconventional Convention Day 1 - Plagiarism

Monday July 18, 2016

Day 1 was surreal ... things to get getting worse over the next few days. Late night talk show hosts will have a field day with this over the days and weeks ahead especially Stephen Colbert who reunited with Jon Stewart.

There was chaos at the convention from the beginning as the delegates from Colorado walked out and who could blame them. All I could think was this was orchestrated by some secret government who runs the world. Trump campaign stops rules rebellion. This was unbelievable. Talk about things being rigged in Washington. Is the underlying agenda for the people in the US to rise up in the name of freedom - or to see how undemocratic we really are or something more that gets us out of here? It's like a bad "dream".

Things went from the not so sublime to the ridiculous to the unbelievable with Melania Trump's speech. What were they thinking to allow Melania - who we thankfully never hear from - to give this speech which is now under scrutiny because parts of it echoed Michelle Obama's address at the Democratic convention in 2008. There will be those who will defend her remarks as generic and voters who will understand the stupidity of it all.

  Melania Trump plagiarism row: Staffer admits role in speech   BBC - July 20, 2016
An employee of the Trump Organization, Meredith McIver, has admitted her role in writing Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention.

To me this rivals the Kim/Kanya-Taylor Swift feud also unraveling in the press and social media - both part of reality TV as far as I am concerned ... as the rest of the world is crashing down around us. Trump's children will also be keynote speakers and will say only good things about daddy as if we care. If daddy is elected he will rule like a Pharaoh ... ah ... maybe he is reliving a past life.

  Day 1 of GOP convention speeches: CNN vets the claims   CNN - July 19, 2016

Wednesday is the first day of Comic Con San Diego. Is the message ... Our reality is Sci-fi and nasty aliens are dictating the outcome? I don't think so. It's just the algorithm waking us up to truth.

Monday morning ... We come to the start of an important week in American history - highlighted by the unconventional 2016 Republican National Convention where anything can happen. The old ways are ending which many of us can embrace, but are giving way to another set of bipolar experiences that try human consciousness. Nothing makes sense. We are lost and disconnected unable to find someone at this point to lead us out of the growing chaos, because there is no one, never was. This is all part of the illusion of time and space.

By now you should realize we are experiencing End Times - where the end of TIME leads to freedom. There is no date just experiences and their emotional components telling us it won't be long. Expect more craziness in time and be careful. Prepare for that which you can - such as natural disasters and avoiding people who are stuck in negative emotions. No one is here to save the planet or the souls. It is just a holographic illusion set in the concept to Time for experience. Be cool.

Some say Trump is un-American. What does being American mean today? It's all about taking down secret societies and others who have ruled American politics behind closed doors forever ... the deals ... the bribes ... and more. Trump and Pence enter this week's convention in Cleveland as one of the most dissimilar presidential tickets in modern political history. At the same time, differences with Trump are keeping some senators away ... the Establishment is going ... going .... On the convention floor, Republicans are likely to amplify Trump's law-and-order campaign theme. Outside, half of Cleveland's downtown was under restrictions, though protests did not get out of hand.

There's an elephant in the room

Off we go to the 2016 Republican National Convention ....

Trump: Heigh ho ... heigh ho .... It's off to work we go

Pence thinking ... When is he going to shut up?

Trump: Get used to it Mike. This convention will be HUGE ... like an elephant!

Pence thinking ... A White Elephant?

Boot up ... The show is about to begin.

Elephants and luck ...
When "seeing" an elephant during a reading
and the trunk is up - it denotes good luck.

There are various superstitions about luck and an
elephant's truck - up or down. You decide in this case.

Elephant Symbolism

This is one convention we will all remember ...

The action takes place in the energies a Full Moon 27° Capricorn

July 19, 2016