Mother's Day With The Crystals

May 14, 2017

On Mother's Day we might remember that not long ago our mothers, and those before them, were immigrants who arrived on these shores for a better life.

Today, as I drove through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to meet my cousin Doug in the city, I felt surrounded by the voices of ancient ancestors from my Crystal bloodline. Best of all I saw my grandmother Beila Crystal with her husband and 10 children, including my father. I sent her the message, "Happy Mother's Day" and I could feel their love returned. Could I share this encounter with my cousin Doug? Doubtful but I would try.

The trip through the tunnel took a while due to repairs. At last I existed but what was that Bright Light?! No not that one. It was the sun after days of rain.

As I drove past the new World Trade Center I remembered that it was my deceased Crystal relatives who met me in the cemetery in Staten Island after Aunt Rose died at age 98, and warned me three days before 9/11 that there were going be many deaths as they pointed to Ground Zero. Did they come to share something foreboding again? Nope. Just saying hello. Whew ... Hi daddy. You were the best. Miss you. (He looked a lot like Doug).

I met Doug, visiting here from Los Angeles, who shared pictures and stories about his life and family. As we gazed at each other we could see a resemblance to my father and other Crystals. We met through "23 and Me". Doug's Mom, Cecelia, and my dad, Murray, were siblings.

Okay ... I couldn't help myself as I mentioned the Crystal connection I made driving through the tunnel. Was Doug spooked by what I said? No, but like most men my age he said he was not a believer. [Okay Ellie ...stick to 3D stuff but no politics which thankfully never came up.]

One red rose from the hostess at the restaurant ... or maybe from someone not in this reality

Lunch was great during which we used my iPad to locate a local art gallery ... which unfortunately was closed. On we walked to Chelsea Piers ... darting between cars, people on bicycles, and on rollerblades on the West Side Highway. I remembering Doug saying, "Watch out!" on more than one occasion.

Chelsea Piers

Here we are looking at pictures of immigrants who might have been our relatives ... or yours.

Wrong timeline ... but I could have fun being her for a day.

We are all "off the boat" in one sense of the word or another ...

Remembering that images in black and white are illusion
while color (even in dreams) is more real.
In the end it's "all" an illusion.

Returning to the Light

What came to mind were these words from Emma Lazarus' famous poem
as souls prepare to leave the shores of physical reality....

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ..."

Surprise ... Waiting at my door when I got home ... Roses from my
daughter Nikki, Ryan, Matthew and Noah. Thanks guys. See you soon.

Happy Mother's Day

May 14, 2017

Wishing everyone who celebrates a Happy Mother's Day with love.

By any name, Mary, Isis, or another female
creation figure in this timeline and others ...
we celebrate your love and energies.