Ellie's 2017 Hanukkah Blogs

Day 1 - 12.12 - December 12, 2017

Lighting Up The Lobby

On the first night of Hanukkah I turned the first candle on the electric menorah in the lobby of my building. Candles are lit right to left much like reading in Hebrew. I also brought cookies and candy for the neighbors of various backgrounds, who enjoyed the moment and asked about Hanukkah traditions.

Across from the Menorah is the annual Christmas tree and decorations

Recently my three daughters and I were remembering the years I used to buy each grandchild a bag of gold covered chocolate - Hanukkah gelt that the children loved. Update to December 2017 .... The kids are old enough to talk about Bitcoins, working out, and tech gifts. (Grandma counting her gelt ... Oy Vey).

Menorah Moments ... Nikki lights Hanukkah candles each night with her children, who recite the prayers, having attended Hebrew school. Tracy lights the menorah with her family, and Zsia doesn't celebrate. My grandchildren are older, this year doing Face Time ... exchanging Hanukkah gifts - some electronic - some that I had mailed ... with Love...

Tracy (Teacher for Gifted Children) in Gilbert, AZ.

Happy Holidays from Tracy's daughter Joie, 15

My daughter Nikki (Executive at Food Network), and grandsons,
Noah 12, and Matthew 14, at home in Westport CT. Monday night.

Ellie and El-El-Sherif

Tuesday 12.12

El-Sherif called me from Philadelphia in the morning and again in the evening - the energies quiet this year on 12.12 (time). Our reunions over the past few weeks have showed us why this time of the year is important - uniting us again as in Egypt 12/12.2000 ... setting up a magical connection in time. Many have told me that Z works through El-Sherif which makes sense to us. This is not so much about the energies of romance as something beyond that shapes our experiences here.

The magic of Z ... Last week, while El-El-Sherif was here, a foundation donated thousands of dollars to Crystalinks in appreciation of my hard work. Wow! When El-Sherif arrived back in Philadelphia he was told that his university research, on early cancer detection technology, had been funded. We both have the teaching gene, El-Sherif being Professor Emeritus at a University in Philadelphia.

After 17 years in linear time in this part of the experiment, El-Sherif and I allow the architecture of our design to show us the way always remembering we are more than these experiences. As I "look" out at the grids I see connections of points of light where our souls intersect and perhaps influence this little speck of the matrix in which we experience ... moving though linear time to Designation 2018. Ellie reporting on Hanukkah - the "Festival of Lights" or the "Feast of Dedication".

The Great Pyramid Experiment 12.12.00


Below ... Entrance with Orb

The King's Chamber

"Time" guides El-Sherif and Ellie's journeys ... from the antique gold pocket watch she gave him that always opens to 1212, to clocks that stop or run backwards when they are together, among other magical experiences along the way. El-Sherif and Ellie came here in the same time-stream to act as teachers uniting ancient and current architecture. If Ellie could rewind her destiny, she would have majored in engineering and architecture (Thoth Effect) with a minor in education. Ellie's destiny and education are in New York City while El-Sherif grew up in Egypt moving to Philadelphia for his PhD in Physics and Engineering allowing them to one day reunite. For now Z (Thoth) guides.

The Script and The Algorithm        

Screenplays mirror life in that they always follow a specific formula whereas physical reality is created by an algorithm. The average script changes every 30 minutes just as life changes after a specific number of years based on the length of time a person will live and their programming. If I could create a perfect ending for everyone I would. Perhaps that is the final moment when reality Fades to Black and we all become enlightened. When that happens, some say we will laugh. Some believe we will cry. Others believe we will move beyond the emotions that seems to important as we experience in physical reality and embrace consciousness in ways we do not understand in physical reality - third dimension - our three Act Play.

I've been watching some of the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies that connect for those who believe in meeting The One and living happily ever after. As a romantic I embrace the premise, but after a lifetime on planet Earth, I know it's not always realistic. Lucky are those who find love, are mentally balanced, and achieve happiness in their experience here. For most souls, reality here is about challenges faced day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. We need Hallmark moments to experience vicariously, opening the heart and connecting emotionally. Each year we all become a little more pragmatic knowing that neither Santa nor any other magical (religious) icon we have been taught to believe in, is going to come along and fix things. It's not the formula in physical reality. The answers are in the Book (Script), the Torah and the Light (Codes).


Day 2 - Lighting Up The Lobby - Lobbying For the US Senate

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