Ellie's Bay Ridge Adventures

Friday November 15, 2014

I had lunch with my friend Lorraine who sells make-up, etc. in Walgreens. As blizzards and freezing weather race across the country, it was sunny and a great day to get out. After I left Lorraine, I walked across 86th Street from 4th to 5th Avenues, a main shopping area. Much to my surprise, a woman in her 30s came up to me and others on the busy street showing us a piece of paper written in crayon, requesting for money for herself and her three children. What made this more out of place she was Middle Eastern wearing the attire of her culture. It was almost like a scene out of the news from countries in the Middle East.

Christina, a client, later told me she employes a Middle Eastern woman to clean her house. That woman is married and has two sons all of whom sleep on the floor while her husband sleeps in a bed. They are among the many illegal immigrants from around the world who believe they can create a better future here. Maybe the next generation ... but we won't be here that long.

Happy Birthday Geri and Pat

Saturday November 15, 2014

My first client today was, Yvette, the daughter-in-law of a woman who went by the name Princess Dena due to her Native American ancestry. Dena came here as both a client and student sharing many colorful stories about the old days in Hollywood where she worked as an actress with Elvis among others. January 2006, while walking home from work, Dena passed Dunkin Donuts parking lot which runs between 4th and 4th Avenues. It was dark, though not that late. Sadly Princess Dena was killed by a hit and run driver. My blog about Princess Dena

Ellie's 99 Cent Scarf

Bay Ridge has many 99 cent stores but I had to go to Amazon to find this bargain. Just about everyone wears a scarf these days especially as the weather gets colder. I have never been one to wear turtleneck sweaters or scarves as I don't like anything around my neck, but last week I happened upon this scarf in Amazon for the amazing price of 99 cents if you need a Christmas present. I love the colors, the fabric, and all that I can do with it to make it look new by just folding it in another direction.