Princess Dena

January 22, 2006

Tonight I was contacted by the son of one of my clients, Princess Dena (Dena Butler).

In the days before Crystalinks, I used to teach class here on a weekly basis. One of the regular students was a colorful client who went by the name Princess Dena. She lived in my area, was a year older than me, had lots of energy, and spoke to the students about Native American traditions and her bloodline, which is where her title Princess derived.

Princess Dena was interested the spiritual sides of metaphysics, often joining Native Americans in different parts of the US, for sacred ceremonies.

Through the years she enjoyed many careers, including acting in Hollywood while in her 20's, where she met a famous producer, married, had a son, divorced and eventually moved to NYC. She had some very colorful stories to tell about the life and times of the Hollywood set in the 1960's and 1970's.

When we met, she had moved to Brooklyn, not far from where I live, and was active in all sorts of civic affairs. Her son had grown and was trying his hand at acting, which, as with most actors, he eventually gave up, settled down, married and is raising a family.

Always stylish in her fashions, her long dark hair coiffed in a stylish bun, Princess Dena had gone from selling women's boutique fashions to being a personal shopper at FAO Schwartz in Manhattan, where perhaps some of you may have met her in passing.

For many years we would run into each other on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn and say hello. As with most students and teachers, classes are attended for a period of time, then student must move on to experience other teachers as their soul guides.

In February 2004, Princess Dena came for a reading in reference to her career as FAO Schwartz had shut down. It was only recently that she had returned to her job at the store, now working as a personal buyer, and according to her son, she was happy to be back.

Sadly, her son called me with unfortunate news. Saturday, around 7 pm, as Princess Dena was returning home from work, while crossing the street at 4th Avenue and 93rd Street, she was killed by a hit and run driver that darted through the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot between 4th and 5th Avenues. I live on 4th Ave. and 101 Street which is not far away.

This morning at 3:33, Princess Dena woke me up. I immediately knew that we had been talking on the other side. I thought 3:33=9-endings.

Princess Dena asked me to write down 3 messages to post, so I turned on the light, grabbed the pad and pencil I keep in my nightstand, to write dream messages, as she began.

After we spoke, I fell back to sleep, waking at 5:55 to the sounds of Native American chanting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

This morning I drove past the intersection where Princess Dena was killed. Stopping at the traffic light, someone passing on my street to my left, caught my attention. I did a double take as Princess Dena walked by, though in another reality. This is the strongest I have ever seen a spirit. Dena was dressed in black and just kept walking up 4th Avenue in the direction of the Verrazano Bridge ... as if she stepped out of time on the night she was killed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today I read Princess Dena's daughter in law, Yvette. It was great to catch up with the family and learn that the man who killed Dena was captured and has severed his time.