Down With Zahi ... In With Truth

I don't know one person in the world of metaphysics who would say a kind word about Zahi - his distain for researchers well known for decades. When I last spoke with him several years ago, through my friend El Sherif, who is his best friend, Zahi said that archaeologists from all the world are destroying ancient artifacts and sites and don't belong there. Not a man known for his diplomacy, he has made many enemies. There are those who defend his actions, but let's face it ... his ego and attitude are way too big ... his energies repulsive ... his womanizing ... well you know the deal. So now we find there are those who want him out and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I try to see his side, but sorry Zahi (with a "Z"), people need to know the secrets buried for all time, if indeed there are any. As far as I can see, the insert for anything of importance buried beneath the Giza Plateau, is not in place. There's nothing there - certainly no Hall of Records (that is so 1980's). I can see why Zahi would think that is ridiculous - it is, as well as other notions people have created based on myth. But alas times have changed.

Governments can no longer control what has been hidden for millennia, though not the real deal. This is an interesting story to follow and something I told Sherif was the destiny of Egypt, and Zahi, in our conversations since the revolution began. As for my conversations with Zahi, I acted like a lady ... but told him that he is looking for the key to creation, senses it's there, it's what everyone is programmed to find (remember) and he won't find it as it is about the quest not the ending. I think he was pissed! I also told him it will be revealed at the end of time, not one minute sooner. Didn't think he liked that either and grumbled. (grin) I think Akhenaten is smiling at me! Thanks Z ... on with the truth already. Enough with the bull (laugh).

Egypt's 'Indiana Jones' at Center of Archaeology Uproar   Live Science - February 16, 2011
The political upheaval in Egypt has thrown Egyptian archaeology into a state of uncertainty - expeditions have been disrupted and Zahi Hawass, the head of the country's antiquity council, is now coming under fire from protesters. Known for his flamboyant style including an Indiana Jones-style fedora and his boosterism of Egypt's treasures, Hawass is the face of Egyptian archaeology. As secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Hawass is in charge of approving any archaeological research that goes on in Egypt. And he's now the central figure in a war of words, with some archaeologists taking verbal shots at him for what they see as a corrupt system, and others, in interviews with LiveScience, defending his character and his actions.

Unemployed Archaeologists Mob Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities   National Geographic - February 16, 2011
News organizations report that more than a hundred demonstrators gathered outside the Cairo office of Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, demanding jobs. "Not since Indiana Jones have archaeologists seemed quite so belligerent," Sky News reported on its website. Sky News was interviewing Hawass in his office yesterday when the Minister's assistant interrupted to say a crowd was trying to break down the gates. Hawass used his mobile phone to call in the Army, Sky reported. "It's chaos," Hawass told the Sky News team. "The revolution will destroy Egypt. It's happening everywhere. How can I suddenly give all these people jobs."

Interesting Artifacts Stolen From the Cairo Museum

During the recent revolution in Egypt, allegedly 18 objects were stolen. [18 = 9 = endings, a rather symbolic number.] On the black market they will fetch a fortune - shades of the old days.

Also interesting were the items stolen as they all link to the same family and evolutionary dynasty. The Pharaoh Akhenaten was the first to speak about monotheism, one god of light. Akhenaten tried to change the old ways, but was eventually overthrown as are most monarchs and dynasties. It is simple the way of things that don't work and abuse people.

Some believe Akhenaten was an ET or had alien connections that guided him and were linked to the building of the Great Pyramid. You have to know that the mythologies about their pantheon of gods were all based on encounters with aliens at various points in their storyline. It's all part of the program.

One thing is for certain, Akhenaten was ahead of his time and knew what he was talking about. He further had good taste in woman.

So here we are millennia later and the nature of power and freedom resounds not just in Egypt, but throughout the Arab World and beyond. Again we search for our roots and one god of light to explain who we are and why we are here ... reality check.

What was Queen Nefertiti holding?

Is it a book about the journey of humanity, or something else?

There's something about Akhenaten hat that calls to me.

King Tut Statues Stolen From Egypt Museum   Discovery - February 14, 2011
Sad news was announced about some of the treasures kept at the Egyptian National Museum just after Hosni Mubarak stepped down as Egypt's president.

According to Zahi Hawass, who under Mubarak was recently named minister of antiquities, some 18 objects went missing following a break-in at the museum on Jan. 28, 2011.

The artifacts include a limestone statue of Akhenaten holding an offering table (previously announced to have been under restoration), and two gilded wood statues of King Tutankhamun, one of the boy king being carried by a goddess, the other of the pharaoh harpooning.

The other artifacts are a statue of Queen Nefertiti making an offering, the sandstone head of an Amarna princess, a stone statuette of a scribe from Amarna, and 11 wooden statuettes plus a heart scarab (a protective amulet for the heart) belonging to Yuya, King Tut's great-grandfather.