Rhine River Remembrances

Sunday 28 August

Traveling from Freiberg along the Rhine River was one of the main reasons I had come on this journey. I chose to drive as I needed to know which way to go and when to stop. Pat took notes and received images and messages as we drove along.

Rather than take the Autobahn north - Pat and I drove through small towns and enjoyed the sighs.

We soon came to the Rhine River going north.

The journey was about energy and remembering. The further we drove, the more that applied.

Always the lion ran alongside us, to the right, between our car and the river. Sometimes I it transformed into a lioness.

Suddenly I felt Marcus' energies again, as well as that of my friend, George. Again we were 4 alchemists on a sacred journey. Both men would later tell me that they had fallen into a long deep sleep at this time. Now we were 4 souls, caught up in time, 2 females in the physical realms and 2 males in spirit. Something about that felt right.

From the beginning we felt pressure points activating in our head area.

Messages flowed endlessly for us like the waters of the Rhine. Basically they were about the creation of this program, complete with metaphors, and the lifting of the rusty old anchor as a symbolic message that the program was no longer grounded in this reality.

This was additional confirmation to that which we already understood, but none-the-less it was a wonderful experience, that somehow needed to be done just as the re-sequencing of the gears had played its part in the cycles of time.

As I slowly drove along - the road appeared to flow with bright red blood which later changed to liquid gold with a black cast, alchemy, human blood and DNA.

Pat was enchanted with the wildflowers and the smell of lavender, when we got out of the car to explore different places that called to us.

I heard, "This is the Sacred Grail."

The word 'grail' echoed 3 times - twice in English then in a foreign language that for some reason I recognized as Aramaic.

I saw Mother Mary appear to me as a 'crying icon' with tears of blood streaming from her eyes. I saw 4 streams of blood - 2 running slowly from each eye.

Someone said, "Sarah, you have been here before. The path of the bloodline is guiding you now."

We stopped the car at the railroad tracks to take a picture.

At this place the trains ran between the river and the road.

Back in the car Pat saw the Fleur de Lis - Flower of Life. She saw a row of bells with a hole through each of them.

We stopped the car again as I felt a need to put my feet in the water.

The water felt cool and refreshing. The feeling was of past, present, and future uniting as I stood there. I didn't want to leave, standing there for some time.

Pat and I found stones which we threw into the water - as if a symbolic gesture. I chose a round white stone. We watched the ripples as if that too had some significance.

Pat saw gold over the water running through it like snakes. Then she saw a Nun's habit.

3 Rhine Stones - Rhinestones

There were 3 small stones we found by the Rhine, that felt so special, we took them with us. One had an 'X' etched on it. Another had concentric circles etched into it. The third stone had crystals within it that glistened in the sunlight.

I saw the symbols for the Knight's Templar and the Teutonic Knights.

I received this message, "There were no deaths when the bloodline made the original journey, as it was divinely guided."

I saw a holographic map with many intertwining grids and heard, "Your destiny is preset."

Pat noticed a row of trees that she connected with France and WWII.
She saw a shield with a lion and crossbow.

We stood at the river's edge once last time before leaving for France.
Sadly, Dora was not programmed for France - which left us at a disadvantage,
yet we felt guided as we followed the signs to Strasbourg.

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