French Adventures

Crossing the border from Germany to France

We drove to France, which was not far from where we parted from the Rhine River. No one stop you at the border, nor did I notice any security. Leaving the Rhine, brought another sense of completion that was linked to the bloodline ... but my mind wondered ... where was the bloodline now as I had no sense of them in Germany, France, or Europe. I suppose these are more stories whose validity can never be proven.

Z was quick to respond. "Where do you think the bloodline is now, Ellie?"

I looked at Pat and told her what Z said ... and then the answer was obvious ... in the US in New York. As I drove into France my thoughts were on alchemy, the blue and gold and a connection to Sarah and Alexander, clocks, time, just spent - and another confirmation linking them all.

Pat wanted to visit Strasbourg, which is not far from the French-German border. She remembered visiting the Strasbourg Cathedral years ago, when she took a cruise along the Rhine. With Dora, no longer our 'spirit guide' we would have to find our way alone. Actually, it was not difficult at all.

Strasbourg is another beautiful old city filled with tourists at this time of the year - the perfect weather bringing everyone out for the day.

In the center square one could find all sorts of entertainment, food, and the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral also know as Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.

Notre-Dame made me think of Nostradamus for some reason, as he was also known as Michel de Nostredame, who some credit with predicting the rise of Adolph Hitler and the events of 9/11 in New York at Ground Zero. He really was a crazy old Jewish psychic with exceptional skills and the usual mental illnesses. His allegedly memories and quatrains are in our program as a guide to the end times.

Hurricane Katrina brought many more people to recognition and awakening that universal change is imminent.

The end times are here and you feel it. It is just a matter of discerning what that means to you.

As with other older Europe cities, Strasbourg speaks to the soul of ancient times and programs - which generally do not interest me ... yet something was calling to me - something to be discovered.

When I wander through ancient cities, I never stop to wonder if I had a past life there. Reality is not about the past but the nature of the evolution of their spirit.

As we walked through the cathedral, Pat remembered a large clock in the back. It wasn't difficult to find as most of the people visiting were also drawn to the clock.

As we reached the massive clock - there it was - a timepiece in blue and gold - designed in many sections - and confirming the alchemy of my story.

With poor lighting, these were the best images we could get.

The clock is blue and gold

The gears of time on our left

At the end of the day, we had dinner in an outdoor cafe, then walked around. There was something about this statue and the water fountain that called to me. Again I felt a need to touch the water.

Next stop ... Heidelberg

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