Ellie Crystal Interviews

Macki Ruka

Spiritual Elder of the Waitaha Maori of New Zealand

Jim Yellow Horse Man

Grandfather Cherokee Elder

April 27, 1997


Macki Ruka is an international speaker and healer, chosen at age three to be initiated into the highest teachings of the celestial and earthly realms. He was chosen by the United Nations as one of seven elders to take ancient prophecies to the world. Macki has traveled around the world five times in his journey, meeting with the Pope, the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, and other world spiritual leaders. He has led journeys and ceremonies at sacred sites around the world such as Machu Picchu, Israel, India, China, Russia, and Egypt. The Waitaha a matriarchal culture that settled in New Zealand over 2000 years ago. Macki is a grandson in the line of the current Matriarch. He has lived all his life in "priestly" functions, performing ancient ceremonial rituals that have been part of his culture for over 500,000 years.

Cherokee Elder Grandfather Jim Yellow Horse Man is a medicine man. He joined Macki in his quest for the prophecies traveling through the United States and New Zealand bringing messages of love and hope.


EC: Yellow Horse Man ("YH"), what were your experiences in New Zealand?

YH: I got to meet Macki's people, the Waitaha, meaning the water carriers. There I saw a beautiful dance that was being created from the grandmothers and the sisters. The dance has gone on for hundreds of thousands of years. I was taken to their beautiful ceremonial houses. The walls were carved with the genology that dates back 500,000 years ago. Up on the ceiling were the star charts. It takes them all the way back to the planet that they came here from. From working with these people, I came to understand brother Macki's message that he is carrying throughout the world. I learned that brother Macki is completing the prophecies of 500,000 years. He has been to all the sacred sites around the world.

EC: Where was his most current journey?

YH: His most current journey was Egypt. There he completed a ceremony that his people had been holding off for a certain period of time. There had to be a correct time for the ceremony to be completed. This time was shown to them. He was the one of the Waitaha people chosen to go out into the world to perform these sacred ceremonies. The name of this ceremony is "unveiling of the Goddess". This is the opening up of the Matriarchal society throughout the world. That particular ceremony had brought Macki to the United States.

EC: Where did Macki get his training?

YH: He was trained by the Matriachs of his tribe, the grandmothers. They taught him all of the genealogy, knowledge, and wisdom -- the ceremonies, the stories, the songs, and the incantations. At age seven, he swam with dolphins and whales. These ceremonies have been handed down through oral tradition with the indigeous peoples of his tribe. Grandmother, woman is the carrier of the seed of knowledge. The ceremony enhances the power of women, the life givers. Men and women should be in balance.

EC: How did you know that you would meet Macki Ruka?

YH: A grandmother from the Cree Nation, up in Canada, had a dream. When she meet Macki, she told him that she had this dream and that there was a man that he would meet. That was the first time Macki ever worked with anyone. He listened to the grandmother's dream. This grandmother came up and saw me since I had known her before. This was at the Sundance Festival in South Dakota. When I met Macki, it was like we had known each other for thousands of years. Our prophecies coincide with each other. This is the great time of preparation. We started working together last year in Seattle, Washington. Since then we have worked with thousands of people in thousands of ceremonies all over the United States. I would like to introduce you to Macki Ruka.

EC: Hello Macki Ruka ("MR").

MR: I am honored that we have this opportunity to speak, to be here on this planet now, mother earth, to share the beauty of her abundance, and to see that amazing white light that is the giver and enhancer of all that is within the peace of man.

EC: Could you tell us more about your work?

MR: I am a Tomula like a medicine man but with a wider scope, the speaker of the dead, the teller of the stories, the keeper of ancient wisdom, who operates the vibrations of healing, transmuting the energies. I am a doctor, a midwife, I am everything that is the essence of survival of my tribe or you may call it a community. My education became mother earth. My mentor was the Matriarch of our culture, my grandmother. She was the keeper of the ancient wisdom. Women are the builders of men. Sisters are the spring of emotion. Mother earth, mother nature holds the frequency of the ecosystem. Mother moon is grandmother.

EC: What changes are occuring on the planet now?

MR: The trees are dying from the tops down. Frogs are being born with deformities. We see the animal kingdom all changing. This is not just in one country but through out the world. We see coming towards us all these strange diseases and sicknesses. We see the Bubonic and the Pneumonic Plagues in India. We see how the very air we breathe is destroying us. All this is part of the great prophecy of all time. We see the coming of new energies in the solar system. We see what they bring for us. We believe whatever the situation that you are in that you vibrate to creates cause and effect...Karma. You'll get back whatever you give out. If you give out love, it will come back ten fold. This applies for other emotions. Now is the time to find the beauty of out hearts, that soul seat. Tome to start repairing it.... that torn thread of the soul. The spirit has been tattered and now it is up to us to find that. Find the golden thread and needle and use it to heal the torn thread of the garment. The thread comes from the sacred garment of Creator. Repair the soul with the love of the creator. Then you dance with the beauty of "self", you become the enhancer. You have the memory of knowing your past lives of ancient times.

EC: Is this becoming One with the Universe?

MR: Exactly! First we must become One with ourselves. We say that the longest journey is from the mind to the heart. Longer still, is that very journey that takes us back from the heart to the mind. Here begins the sacred of all journeys.... all experiences in one's life. This is a teaching.

EC: What are the future prophecies?

MR: Doom and gloom! We see great changes in the weather. We see water upon water upon water. The changing of the climate of the great mother earth, and the shifting. The coming of the Millennium, the year 2000, we see the changes in the structures of government. The fall of the monetary system. We see a time of beauty. We are living in the time of chaos, technology, where technology has left man behind. This is the sad part. Technology is leaving us so far behind. Billions and Billions of dollars to create one plane. This money could feed thousands of children in many, many countries.

EC: Can this be prevented?

MR: This is a good story. First we must find the beauty of self within our hearts. Once there find the compassion. Compassion is an act of power. We are not here to heal the good and the bad, we are not here to make the wrong right, we are here for one purpose to find the constancy of the truth. The universal truth is with great spirit, creator. That is our divine right to enhance the heart and find the beauty, thereby radiating that beauty to other people. Giving back to the people is where we begin the first prophecy that heals the rest.

EC: Can you tell us about the prophecies?


EC: Are your ceremonies with men and women?

MR: I work with men and women all over the world.

EC: What do you do at a ceremony?

MR: I begin with the initiation of the heart. I try to stop the "mind chatter". This is different than meditation which last for a short time then you process and go back to your normal life. I give them the gift of finding things that people take with them every second, every minute, every hour, every day of their lives. They carry the love and become the teacher. They teach themselves and bring it to others.

EC: Is this a simple thing to do?

MR: Yes. It is simple. Everything done in creation is done with simplicity. It is man and his complicated mind that have made things very difficult. We are eating from the "Tree of Illusion".

EC: What happens during a ceremony?

MR: People sit in a sacred circle of 12. I use the sacred colors of the rainbow to the 12 celestial realms. Some of the ceremonies are: Full Moon, New Moon, Opening the Chakras, Opening the Heart, to mother earth among others. Spirit guides the right people to the ceremonies.

EC: What tools do you use?

MR: I carry my altar everywhere I go. Part of my job is to reactivate the energies in the ancient temples. I travel with a lot of special sisters (women) from around the world. I call them angels. Spirit send them to me for this reactivation in the ancient temples that were built to honor the Goddess. From Peru, to the Yucatan, to Bolivia, to Machu Picchu, the Anasazi, the Hopi, the Cherokee, the Lakota, all around the world. Some of the great chief and grandmothers chose to leave now to work on the other side. I see the beauty of the wisdom of the grandmother and I honor that throughout the world.

EC: What is your forte?

MR: The celestial bodies...the stars.

EC: In conclusion what is your final message to the readers?

MR: I have been brought up in the matriarch system That is where the wisdom is. May you be as gentle as the flight of the butterfly. All those that read this message...let them have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Listen to the message and not the messenger.

EC: Thank you.

MR: Thank you, Ellie. It is a joy to share energies with you.


Macki Ruka passed a few years after the interview.