July 4, 2004

What is Independence Day really about? It is the day the souls evolve beyond the illusion of time and physical consciousness. To understand this, is to understand the nature of physical reality as a programmed consciousness hologram set in linear time to experience and study emotions. The program follows the patterns of sacred geometry and has a beginning and an end. Every day people are waking up to the illusion of the dream as if in a virtual reality experience that is about to end. You sense it in your soul and as you awaken, move into higher consciousness of thought, you begin to understand the metaphors in the program to help you remember who you are and why you are experiencing here.

Each civilization in the human biogenetic experiment - follows the same genetic blueprint for experience. The "American Program is an an extension of the same blueprint dating back to the mystery school teachings of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and beyond.

We are taught that the foundation of the American nation was built on a doctrine of freedom and liberty for its people. And so millions have been guided to its shores since its inception. Many have felt a strength in this nation and a desire to defend the constitution, at all costs, but as with religions, there comes a time when people will question its destiny and things will change. Within the foundation of the American program and constitution are hidden truths set in motion at the beginning of time to allow it to revolve in time.

The program is based on a Masonic (mother sound) blueprint set into motion, at the beginning. This is the journey of a bloodline whose destiny goes back to the ancient mystery school teachings brought forth now as human consciousness evolves.

All things in our reality are created from the same geometric blueprint/architecture, including the nation's capitol the dollar bill with the pyramid the All Seeing Eye - the eye of Horus, all metaphors of the game, all created by design that follow sacred geometry.

To this end books have been written, and films created. There will be more as human consciousness seeks the truth and evolving into higher frequency of consciousness. The Da Vince Code, about the Rose Bloodline and 2012, Sarah and Alexander, The Alchemy of Time.

On July 4, 2004, one has to pause and wonder about the American Dream ... Can all of reality be just that, a Dream. Relax ... Close your eyes ... Say, Wake up_______! [Insert your name] What do you experience?

In National Treasure - Nicolas Cage stars as Ben Franklin Gates, an archaeologist and adventurer looking for the legendary lost treasure of the Templar Knights, spurred on by the stories he was told as a young man by his grandfather, John Adams Gates, twenty years before. John tells Ben the secret hiding place for the treasure is encoded on the back of the Declaration of Independence, placed there by none other than the founders of the United States of America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.

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Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a 2004 documentary film by American filmmaker and director and political commentator Michael Moore. The film takes a critical look at the presidency of George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and its coverage in the news media. The film is the highest grossing documentary of all time. In the film, Moore contends that American corporate media were "cheerleaders" for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and did not provide an accurate or objective analysis of the rationale for the war or the resulting casualties there. The film generated intense controversy, including disputes over its accuracy.

This film also deals with the current administration starting with the fiasco of the Presidential Election in November 2000 to present day. 9/11 is just a small part of the film, but goes along with what I wrote when Bush was elected, "He is a war president and will take us to war." One must understand that the levels of corruption and conspiracy go much deeper as if built into the foundation of the program/government itself. They go all the way back to the beginning of the American Program in 1776, and its founding fathers, not to mention their secret societies, that go back to the ancient mystery schools. The United States has been a Masonic Experiment since it began.

On July 4, 2004, Independence Day, we honor the birth of the American Program, the men who fight in battle, war after war, endless deaths with little justification, demoralizing of the human soul, most often for economic reasons, and wonder what democracy is all about! Alas, it is all part of a program, based on duality, Fear vs. Love. The Bushes are just characters in the program acting out their roles to hold human consciousness back as it seeks to return to its nature state of soul consciousness and awareness, where all is known and the games of humanity no longer exist.