Goodbye Donny ... When A Friend Crosses Over

Tuesday March 4, 2014

Last summer I did healing on several people in my building. They were not seriously ill, just injuries involving the shoulder of a neighbor named Danny, and my Super Sal's lower back. I was successful in creating temporary relief, though as you know "energy healing" does not cure people, it's just a band-aid. Even if somebody says they're cured, they're not until that part of their programming ends. I never physically touch anyone as I'm way too old to exchange my energy fields with that of another person.

Another neighbor, Donny, 77, Sagittarius, heard what I did and asked me about a pain in his back. On careful inspection, and I am good with diagnosis, I told Donny he had a mass on his back that should be looked at by a doctor ASAP. He thanked me, trusted me as I had read for him years ago, raved about me to others, but I knew he wasn't going to do anything about the mass. Fate is fate (programming) and can't be changed. In the late fall Donny was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that was metastasizing. After months of various forms of therapy, Danny died Sunday at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

What I remember most about him is - he was a kind gentle soul who loved to laugh. His mom died at age 100 in 2010, and he visited her until the end. He sometimes spoke to me in Yiddish and I understood using a few familiar expressions in response.

Donny lived in a studio apartment for 10 years waiting for a larger apartment with a big terrace facing the park and the Verrazano Bridge. He finally got his dream apartment in 2012 and was so excited to show me the remodeling he had done. At the time he was babysitting a parrot in a giant cage which stood in his living room. I'm not sure what that was about but I think he got stuck with the bird and was looking for someone to take it off his hands.

Donny had hearing loss in one ear due to a bomb that exploded near him when he served in the Korean war - so he tended to talk louder than the norm. Did he have PTSD? I'm not sure, but the military gave him a lifetime of social security disability and medical care. Donny smoked heavily most of his life, starting when he joined the army, but had cut back in recent years. He was also involved with a few of "the boys" in my area and served time in jail when he was young man.

Donny and I may have been the only two Jewish people in the building - certainly the only Jewish seniors. He sometimes spoke to me in Yiddish and I understood using a few familiar expressions in response.

He had been through two marriages, had two daughters, and experienced quite a few women in his colorful life. He had just starting dating a woman from the building when he got sick, but ended the relationship shortly after. He and I were friends - never anything more.

Donny liked to go to the gym with the young men in the building and never aged in mind or attitude. He lived every day as if it was his last. He will be missed. "Come visit me Donnie when you have 'time'. We can look out over the water and watch life go by."

The cloud formation in the photo I found for this blog,

looks remarkably like Z - Zoroaster flying over the bridge

and here as the Anunnaki God Ashur.

holding a ring or the Sagittarius bow and arrow.