Thursday, December 7th, Day 3

Traveling to Saqqara, Abusir, and Dahshur

After breakfast Irene and I met with Fergany and his assistant, Ashir who gave us some background about each place we were to visit.

Off we drove in a minivan on dirt roads along the Nile which flowed softly to our left as if guiding our journey south. Mud brick homes lined the streets to the right, as local farmers worked in the fields.

The weather was beautiful at this time of the year, sunny and mild. During the daytime a jacket is not needed, but after the sun sets, the temperatures drop quickly and drastically and a heavy jacket, or layers, is best

There was one hour of heavy rain on Saturday evening, which surprised everyone, causing a power outage in the Great Pyramid, closing it to the public on Sunday and Monday December 10th and 11th the day before 12/12.

The Red Pyramid of Pharaoh Snefru
the first pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, father of Khufu the alleged builder of the Great Pyramid.

Ellie and Fergany

Irene and I climbing

Irene, Ellie, Fergany

The entrance to the burial chamber.

Descending to the burial chambers

The passageways in all of the pyramids are fairly well lit.

There are places you need to use a flashlight but they aren't on the usual tour routes.

Spirit can be felt in the passageways and chambers.

The chambers have no ventilation and are very hot. Some chambers are easy to access, while others are a bit more difficult. Most tourist could climb down the chambers.

Though certain Pharaohs were supposedly buried in certain chambers, you know that the whereabouts of the mummies have never been found. If one quests to find these mummies, such as Howard Carter and King Tut - then one's soul is linked to that mummy.

As for me, I am more interested in spirit (ka) than body (ba). For it is only the spirit that is real. The rest is illusion.

The energies in the chambers weren't strong for me, only if I went back in time did I connect with Snefru in this pyramid and in his Bent Pyramid.

All I felt with these pyramids was a confirmation of the energies that occurred at the time they were built, as a duplication of something, a triangular shape, 3 into 1, the Pharaoh's link with the creation process.


The Step Pyramid

For many years, when I lectured on the history of pyramids, and the power of pyramids, I generally reference the Pharaoh Djoser's place, the Step Pyramid, as the supposed first pyramid built on Earth. Of course we know that isn't true. We also know that Djoser, also spelled Zoser is another one of Z's lifetimes, in the Game.

One has to wonder if the pyramids are markers, as if on a large game board.

Perhaps the Sphinx is the piece that moved around the Game board. All I saw when I was near it, was it being rolled around on wheels. I'll get to that story on another file.

I have to admit that this too left something to be desired. The energies were dead!

I peeked into the opening

but the bust of Djoser did little for me.

This is Djoser.

The energies of the grounds spoke of olden days
but I had to stretch my mind to get to that space.

We stopped at an outdoor museum.

Ramesses II

Ramesses II as a Sphinx
Sphinx statues were found many places we visited.

Some Pharaohs were simply the pits!

Irene and I had hoped to see the Pyramid Texts, but unfortunately they were closed. That would have been an amazing experiencing.

After we left the archaeological sites, we stopped at a rug factory. These factories are very popular in that area. Teenage students were working on rugs that were later sold in the showroom upstairs. The teens were just like any other group of kids. The boys and girls giggled at each other as they worked. Schooling is not as I would have liked it, being an American high school teacher, but there is education, at least at the basic levels for most children. The kids were cute walking home from school with back packs just like American kids!

As with all places in Egypt, the sales people were aggressive and wanted to sell us rugs, of any size or pattern, at any price. This is a game over there, especially with the tourists. The men get so angry and shout quite a bit at each other, or whomever! Somebody give them some yin energies! Irene thought it interesting that the men go from this aggressive male energy on minute, then start to laugh the next! We didn't buy a rug or much else while we were there. I personally found the energies of the bargaining humorous. You quickly learn to say, "No thank you!"

Time and revolution will change the destinies of the children, the people, the artifacts, the edifices, as the storyline comes to a close in the next decade.