Friday, December 8th, Day 4

The Giza Plateau

By Friday it was time to pay our first visit to the Great Pyramid, the
two surrounding pyramids, the boat, and the Sphinx, on the Giza plateau.

They are all close enough to each other, that you could walk from place to place,
ride there by camel, I sat on a camel but didn't ride it, or go by horse and cart.

Oddly I overslept that morning, and I never sleep late, so I told Irene and Fergany to go to the Pyramids of Chepren and Menkaure without me. Nothing about those two pyramids called to me. Irene on the other hand saw a blaze of white light at the Chepren Pyramid and totally connected.

Close-up of the broken casing stones

allowing visitors to climb to the up.

The '^' shaped object is the entrance.

We sat in several of the 'openings'.

Many people have carved their names and messages in these stones.

View From The Pyramid

Fergany waving at me

Inside The Great Pyramid

The Entrance

You can go up to the Queen's Chamber,

or the King's Chamber

or down to the subterranean pit/chamber
where a Hall of Records is supposedly kept.
This is just a 'trigger' not a real fact.
I psyched no hidden records down there, just water!
It is closed to the public at this time.

The stairs that lead to the King's Chamber.

As far as climbing within the Great Pyramid, it really isn't that difficult.

You must remember that this is an enclosed chamber with poor ventilation, so you need to wear short sleeves as it gets very hot. If you come in with a jacket, you place it in your backpack.

You should climb at a pace that is comfortable for your body. In two areas you bend over to walk through, as the ceilings are low. These are short distances and you can take your time. The main stairs are long but you can stand erect. All I kept 'seeing' when I was walking up or down were those little mining style cars that went up and down the pyramid in the old days taking people and workers back and forth. I'm not sure how they worked in all that heat, and thin air.

All walk-ways are lit with fluorescent lights though some people use flashlights as well.

I didn't spend much time psyching on the construction of the pyramid, though I detected non-human design and preliminary construction, then later on humans helping with the casing stones. It really is just a bunch of stones. The real energy, as usual, is not in 3D.

In truth the energies were not high anywhere but the Kings Chamber and the circle of energy outside the perimeter of the pyramid.

I sensed that the stone sarcophagus in the King's chamber was not originally placed there, it was put there in modern times. One also gets the feeling that the walls are off in design as well, as if a hidden room or chamber exists somewhere behind at least one of them.

On our first time alone in the Great Pyramid, about one hour, Irene and I walked around and investigated everything, physically and energetically.

We stood in the sarcophagus and felt nothing. My attention was drawn to the chamber above and what is above them, though we were unable to access them.

I stood facing the small back wall and saw myself as a rod bringing energies into place. There is no capstone, just the 12 pyramids on levels above. There is no Hall of Records. All of that is metaphor for triggering memories.

Once in the Great Pyramid, or even as far away as my hotel room, you are in the Egyptian grid.

If you close your eyes, you can see endless images about ancient Egypt. Understand, it is the grid that creates everything.

Irene, who has problems with clairvoyance and clairaudience, was able to psych to the max and had many lucid dreams.

We stood where and how we were guided and sent energies as were needed. I felt like a rod as I kept seeing anchoring symbols. I saw the top of the pyramid merge into it's physical counterpart.

After a while, we placed our small navy blankets from the airplanes, on the floor then laid down. We faced in the same direction, towards the small back wall of the King's Chamber. I placed my right hand in Irene's left hand and once again allowed the energies to flow.

It was in this room that you can send energy out to the grids and to the universe on the hall. I experienced old symbols disappearing and replaced by new ones that had no definitions in 2000.

I determined that we had set something in motion that we would later come back to complete.

We left the Great Pyramid and walked to the Sphinx.

Each step on our journeys is one step close toward finding the truth about reality and why we are here. That answer will be realized by all souls at the end of the story. Until then we envision major discoveries like the elusive Hall of Records in the Sphinx's paw when all the while they are just metaphors.