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EC: What is a spiritual path?

DA: Generally, a spiritual path is the journey a soul goes through in the process of evolution to complete awareness. How the soul expresses and how the soul experiences that path is in accordance with what that soul has already learned and what the soul will have to learn in order to complete this cycle of soul evolution.

EC: I define a soul as a spark of light from the creational source or thought consciousness. How do you define a soul?

DA: I would agree with your definition. Soul is a portion of expression from what I term The Source or what one might term as coming from the God-head, though some may refer to it as Universe, Goddess. There are so many different names. Soul is comprised of of spirit energy. The Chinese call this energy Chi. All cultures have a label for it. Some of these are Prana, Mana, Bioplasmic Energy, Ectoplasm - the ancient Greeks referred to this as "life force".

Those of us involved in Reiki are familiar with the term "Chi" which means energy vital force. So you see, soul energy has many names. I think one of the best analogies to help explain the idea of this, is one I use when I teach my students. It helps them understand the delicate balances of expression.

Think of The Source/God-head/Universe as an ocean. All the water in that ocean is The Source. It is all. It is everything. The drops of water that compose and make up that ocean as a whole would be spirit. The individual drops of water would be the souls, each making up and comprised of the same energy as the ocean.

Now let's suppose some children come along to play at this ocean. One brings a pail, one a cup, and one a rectangular pan. They reach into the ocean to fill up their containers.

Now, the water that is in the containers is still the same water it was in the ocean. It's basic molecule level-- its essence -- has not been altered, separated, but still the properties of ocean, though no longer functioning as ocean completely.

It carries with it the same familiarity as its parent host. The only difference now, it is being contained or housed in a different shape, which means it is taking on something extra. It is being altered or confined by its containment. It is still ocean, but ocean water with a defined parameter, which says how the water will form or shape. It's exactly the same cycle as a soul takes as it begins to express itself through manifestation. It still is part of the same course from which it began, only now it is in a different container. That container might, for this particular lifetime expression be a human, dog, horse, flower, or rock. All of these expressions of matter are consciously aware, but vibrating at very different frequencies of manifestation.

The next step in the forming of soul's expression is personality. Now we have, Source, type of containment, and how that containment will express itself. You and I are from the family of the human race but you and I express ourselves very differently by our different personalities.

Souls, like source, are energy, intelligent and super consciousness. Of course it is so much more, but human labels restrict and give boundary to the Unlimitedness of the Source. Source is everything. It is what all is comprised. It has no agenda, no needs, it just IS. It is quiescent. When source "moves" or flows in a process of quickening, it forms separate expressions of itself. These expressions take form or pocket forms of Spirit energy, moving flowing, being formed by a process of attraction and repulsion - the Dance of Universal Energy.

Now Soul energy can take on different forms of Soul Units, such as, Group Souls, Parallel Souls, Single Unit Expressions, etc. What determines these units and how the will be comprised is, resonance, frequency, vibrations, and cosmic harmonics.

EC: I believe that souls manifest into the physical by projecting their consciousness into a body via the the spiraling patterns/energies of sacred geometry. These are come manifest in sound, light, and color. What is your belief?

DA: Sound and frequency vibration are most important. There are tones, harmonics, octaves, which cause manifestation. These frequencies vibrating at rates per second bring Soul into forms manifestation of the Spiritual Energies from the Source. Everything in Universe has corresponding resonances. Everything is linked by this cosmic energy grid. Sound, color, chemical is affected by these cosmic/universal frequencies. What makes manifestation different is the rate of frequency the rate of vibration.

This "dance" of vibrational frequencies draws similar energies, or may repel certain energies that will form expression at different levels in the Universe.

EC: I believe that all experience is created by parallel grids though which souls are experiencing simultaneously. Would you agree?

DA: Oh, yes, definitely. Soul can express itself in many different forms simultaneously. It is all part of the process in learning and evolving in different frequencies. Whatever presents itself as the best application to the learning process at that time is what the soul will choose.

EC: Can a soul be having more than one experience in the physical realms, at a time?

DA: That is correct. Souls often meet someone who they recognize as part of their soul group, so to speak, or is an aspect of their soul.

EC: Can it experience both male and female?

DA: If being the female expression is the best possible way to learn iand experience, it will appear feminine in frequency. The same is true for the masculine expression. Each gender carries with it its own unique process to access the human emotional data base. The different genders, at any given time on the planet, reflect the human race at a societial level, as well as a social and psychological, cultural one.

EC: In other words, its DNA programming dictates certain experiences through which it will experience and master its goals.

DA: Yes. The souls can play any role for which it is programmed.

EC: If a soul is vibrating to a higher frequency, is it considered more evolved?

DA: That is true. However we must not put this in an ego context as one soul is smarter or better than another soul. It is not. Evolution is a process of advancing to complete awareness by degrees. The experiences we create at each incarnation and the degree at which we learn from those experiences are what determines the placement of "advancement" for that particular soul.

Advancement is a label so that we may, at a human conscious level, understand. It is a not judgment of that soul. Love is the purest form of expression. Love, without need, want, or attachment IS the Source of Universe. When we can maintain this kind of frequency we are truly free of all restrictions and are one with the Source, we have evolved and may return to the Source. As you can see from the immense planetary movement we are all at different levels of expression.

All of us, at the time we live in physical bodies, are at different states of evolution. We may not be ready to return to the Source, but we are ready to go into other areas of development either back on the earth plane or are ready to move on to higher planes of activity.

EC: What is the ultimate goal of a soul?

DA: Total awareness of its own creation.

EC: Thank you, Deja, for sharing knowledge about the path of the soul.

DA: You are welcome, Ellie.

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