Sunday December 14 - 6:30 AM

Preparing for Chelsea's workshop:

The Full Moon watches me as it moves across the skyline reflecting like a thousand stars on the water below the Verrazano Bridge just outside my window. The lights of a large ocean liner also reflect on the water as it slowly moves towards its destination in the NY harbor.

Across the water the lights of Staten Island sparkle and prepare to dim as daylight begins to creep into a sleepy city.

Today I will be joined by friends from places as far away as Ohio and Canada as we continue our journey awakening the sleeping masses and raising the frequency of the planet.

I drove to Manhattan with two friends - Anna, Yolanda. We were joined by a metaphysical teacher from upstate New York named Barbara Pazer.

Discussion centered around harmonics and creational tones.

Since I created the story of Sarah and Alexander in 1989 - I have heard a music box physically playing from time to time. Part of the story is about a music box which is a metaphor for creational harmonics. I am never sure when the music will play - what the tune is - nor the purpose of the music - other than to allow me to know that I am linked to creational harmonics.

The tones often come during the time of a lightning storm or high electromagnetic energies.

11AM - Core Energetics Metaphysical Center in Manhattan

Approximately fifty people attended Chelsea's workshop on sacred geometry and harmonics.

The make-up of the class was about 50% male and 50% female energies.

People either sat on cushions on the floor or on chairs as the workshop began.

The room was well lit. The energies were high.

On a long table in front of the room Chelsea placed many visual aids related to sacred geometry. She also used diagrams and other schematics.

Chelsea placed seven bowls on the carpeted floor. They were arranged in a certain pattern according to the note they represented - the diatonic scale. Below each bowl was a black rubber ring to prevent the bowl from resting on the ground thus creating a better harmonic.

In the back of the room, Chelsea set up a 6 foot copper pyramid for anyone who wanted to meditate in it. I sat in the pyramid briefly but didn't feel anything special.

The first two hours of the workshop were about sacred geometry and the creational history.

Chelsea said, "The answers for us are internal yet we tend to look to the external. In essence we all have the knowledge within us to ascend. It is just a matter of healing issues that keep you on lower frequencies and believing that you can do it. That is why the planet is filled with light workers doing one type of healing or another. It is all the same. If you believe you are ready to ascend - you will!"

After lunch - and before the class resumed -

I sat on the floor with Ariel who works with crystal bowl harmonics.

She is a pianist and singer.

Yolanda played the bowls with us.

We moved the felt covered sticks over the bowls and began to chant.

This set up a harmonic that brought others back into the classroom who felt connected.

As Chelsea came back from lunch all was in readiness for the second part of the class - Harmonics and Healing.

Harmonics heal as they place you in balance so your energies flow properly.

Chelsea played the crystal bowls and chanted in several dialects that were foreign most of us.

She had returned back from working with Standing Elk and other Native American spiritual leaders at a Star Knowledge Conference in Colorado.

She told the class that the energies at the conference where so high - one of her bowls exploded.

At times the music created a sine-wave effect in the room.

Other musicians played-- bass (Bill), piano (Shambala), bells (Maya), guitar (Shambala), flute (Steve), and xylophone (Phil).

Chelsea taught the harmonic tone connected to each color - which connected with different bowls. As she played each note it was to activate that chakra in our bodies.

Chakra color frequencies also follow correlate with the musical scale.

C '
Third Eye / Brow

I saw the frequencies of the students in the class as they opened their chakras and connected.

We all chanted as Chelsea played. Everyone chanted from their soul (their own soul note) - not with any specific sound in mind.

John, chanted Native American healing chants as Chelsea did healings.

Chelsea also did a healing on everyone - one by one! As each person lay on the floor - one bowl was placed on their solar plexus - then another to their right side - and one to their left. The bowls had to be in balance for that person's frequency. Chelsea played the bowls and chanted. Everyone joined in the harmonics.

During my turn I felt as if I was coming out of my body. I saw streams of light around me as the room vibrated.

Chelsea believes that we can manifest anything into physical reality if we just intend it.

I can't exactly agree.

What we want is created on another level. In order for it to manifest in 3D it must compliment our soul's experiences at the time.

For example - you may want to be a millionaire. You visual yourslef as rich and with all the abundance and power one could want.

Your soul anaylzes this information. It processes it with your emotional body and what you think you should have - or experience - then decides what to create - which will later manifest as your 3D experience.

There are aspects everyone's emotional make-up that must be overcome to get what we think we desire while in the physical.

That is why people are trying to heal - and help others heal - so the true soul expression of who they are can manifest at a higher frequency rate.

In other words - you clear - release - let go of the lessons and issues.

You see your soul as clear - unencumbered by 3D parameters - and things manifest.

Most people only get to that space of - I can manifest and I am in charge of my destiny - when they are desperate!

They are in an accident and connect with higher frequency - God - spirits - angels - their higher aspects. They tune in and say, "HELP!" ---->They manifest the help they need as they know they nedd that help as part of their experience in that moment in time.

They have raised their frequency.

The same is true about money - we can all manifest money when there is none. It is at that time we connect with our souls - they react with the grids that form our reality - this causes what we call a synchronicity - and money comes to us one way or the other.

The trick is to come into conscious awareness of how to manifest without a crisis situation.

Many people do it easily - money - great careers - loving families - etc.

Can you do it? Do you deserve it?

Then manifest what you need vs what you think you need.

If manifesting what you think you need will deter you from finishing up your karma here - then you won't change anything.

The Wheel of Karma creates the Illusion of Time which keeps our reality flowing.

Example- you want a perfect partner - do you have time to devote to this relationship? a desire to give away part of your personal power? have other caretaking - such as parents?

I see us as players in a game down here. The true reality is above.

Geometry creates our reality through sound (tones) and light. This creates our grid system. It is a conscious awareness program in which we are all connected to one creational source.

Most of us need to remember how to manifest and work in higher frequency. We are getting there slowly.