Madame Blavatsky On Atlantis

In the 19th century Blavatsky gave impetus to the idea of an Atlantic continent running through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She gave some brief history of its inhabitants, identified its location, the times of the sinking of the larger part of the continent, and the time of the last submergence of its principle remaining island. She also specified some land still in existence as land today that was part of Atlantis then.

She gave various cultural arguments for its existence. The science of her day was quite unhospitable to the idea of a continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean because it was committed to the idea of extreme gradualism.

It was Blavatsky who brought the attention of the western world to Atlantis. This has been almost entirely overlooked. Blavatsky mentioned Atlantis in her introductory book, Isis Unveiled published in 1877. The book was sold out on the first day of its release to the public.

Five years later Ignatius Donnelly published his well researched "Atlantis: Antediluvian world". Donnelly is usually given credit as the "father of modern Atlantis research". No doubt from the close time connection, he was inspired by Blavatsky. She should be acknowledged as the inspiration of the modern Atlantis movement.

In 1888 Blavatsky published her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine. This is a difficult work - but most seminal. It is encyclopedic. In it she gives many more details of Atlantis.

Her most specific comment showed a knowledge of the Ocean bottom unheard of by anybody in her time. Notably Challenger discovered the Mid-Atlantic ridge. At Tristan D'Hunca the ridge had become so small as to be undetectable by their method. Blavatsky asserted that if itcould be traced further it would be found to continue around under Africa and up into the Indian Ocean. Today we have confirmed the Ridge continues exactly as she claimed as a tectonic plate boundary. Her teachers had known it!

Blavatsky asserted that Atlantis had been centered on the Mid-Atlantic ridge. She said that Plato - as an initiate required by pledge to withhold certain information - had purposefully combined the older larger continent sized land mass with what was the remaining island. We see evidence of this combining if we examine the Greek and the English.

She also asserted that the larger land mass had extended over a much larger area and even reached from the Western Hemisphere to the African continent. So the recent discoveries of a possible Atlantis-style civilization off Cuba are included in her view of Atlantis. Of course the discoveries in the Atlantic support her view.

She asserted that references to Atlantis abound around the world's older nations. That was unexpected and highly "undocumented" in her time. Now those have been traced and found.

In 1940, Lewis Spence published the now classic "Shadow of Atlantis". Indeed Atlantis had cast its shadow just as she had claimed.

In 1882, one of her teachers had written a letter to Sinnett and given the exact year of the sinking of Atlantis. It was 9,564 BC. Now, more than one century later, hard science has averaged together time estimates from many scientific sources and obtained a date that is very close to the date given in 1882. This scientific estimate is detailed in Cataclysm.

The Piri Reis Map enters into the controversy over Atlantis, especially in considering the view that Atlantis was in Antarctica. That map could only have been made with knowledge of how the Earth looks from a high altitude!

Blavatsky had asserted that the Atlanteans know of flying machines and that knowledge of such machines had passed on to the Hindus. The odd fact of the high altitude of the Piri Reis maps confirms her statement.

In the Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky had noted the relevance of "Phaeton" or "Typhon". Now the scientific evidence has placed very meaningful particular importance on these "myths".

Blavatsky also asserted that there had been much prior civilization prior to Atlantis.