Birds in Spirit

The birds in my area bring messages for myself and my clients. I see white birds for spiritual messages, black birds for death, my brown pigeon drops by with his own messages, and so on...

Monday, as I sat here with a female client, a strange all-white bird slowly flew in front of the glass doors that face the park and bridge just in front of where we sit. The bird paused, did this bizarre spinning thing with its tail, then quickly flew off as we sat there in awe.

Wednesday I read four clients, 2 men, 2 women. Each reading was either with a person who suffered from bi-polar disorder, or had a deceased family member who did. The illness was part of their bloodline, DNA.

All of the clients wanted to talk to someone on the other side. As endless spirits came, we experienced the usual smells, sounds and so forth.

One spirit, Valerie, 40's, had recently died of complications after being a drug user all of her life. Her brother, the father of my client, is in a hospital on a respirator, himself a drug user.

As I felt Valerie's energies approaching, two pigeons flew quickly at us, their rapid movements catching our attention through the glass doors.

The pigeon on the right stopped its motion momentarily, but the one on the left hit against the glass door with such force, and noise, we both jumped up in our seats!

Apparently uninjured, the bird flew off immediately with the other pigeon, as we sat there watching. There was no blood nor feathers anywhere.

My client thought it signaled that her father had died. I disagreed, still sensing his life force energy, often called chi, in the physical.

Never before has something like that happened to me with a bird of any kind, and I have spoken to birds all of my life.

Spirits often take on animal shapes, birds, butterflies, etc.

Have you ever wondered if souls who are dysfunctional in the physical become balanced when they cross over? After a lifetime of talking to spirits, I have concluded that until the soul returns to the creational source of thought consciousness, light, whatever you call it, they can remain fractured. I suppose many of us view them as we do in the physical, dark entities. Dark means dysfunctional, not of the higher frequency of light, not balanced. They will be reconciled at the end of the program, as is written. I guess that's why souls are guided to heal.

Valerie brought us messages about the deep anguish she experiences on the other side, leaving behind her two-year old twins, son and daughter, who now grow up without their mother. Valerie is also waiting for her brother to cross over now. Valerie's soul was tormented here and therefore she lived on drugs all of her life. She, too, was bi-polar. If only she had gone for help.

I explained to my client, that many souls simply play out the patterns of their destiny, unable to find the courage to go through healing, nor can imagine what life is like in a functional world. They have no concept of happiness and balance, life without drama seemingly boring.

As I sit here typing, small white feathers are softly falling in front of my window. Z is calling my attention to one circular cloud in the sky.