Apports are 'gifts' that manifests from non-physical to physical reality. Manifestation may be linked to teleportation or telekinesis by one or more of the people in the room.

Many believe a spirit, such as a deceased loved one, has brought the gift, usually linked to an observer in the room. Often the gift has symbolic significance for the person receiving it.

The opposite of Apport is Asport which is the transference of a small object to an unknown location via unknown means.

The most frequently apported items are: car keys, cigarette lighters, and the left sock of a matched pair.

Sometimes a trumpet is blown after which an item may appear. This is a metaphor for our reality manifesting by harmonics and tones.

The first known recorded observation of an apport, appeared in the Researches psychologique ou correspondencesur le magnetisme vital entre un Solitaire et M. Deleuze. It was witnessed by a Dr. G. P. Billot during a seance on March 5, 1819, in Paris. Three somnambules and a blind woman attended a seance. One of the witnesses claims to have seen a dove flying around the room. It was carrying something in its beak which it then deposited before a person.

When Billot examined the contents of the packet he found three pieces of paper with a small bone glued to each and beneath was written, 'St. Maxime, St. Sabine and Many Martyrs.' Later, Billot spoke with the blind woman who said he thought that animal magnetism was probably a better explanation than the intervention of spirits... maybe.

Apports have been recorded as arriving in various ways. During one seance a pair of modest earrings given by a guide spirit to Marchioness Centurione Scotto came by means of a trumpet with a phosphorus band which appeared. The trumpet turned its large end up to fit against the ceiling and then there was heard a thumbing sound as the earrings dropped into the instrument.

Chris Lovelidge and his wife have received a collection of over 15 objects including an ancient jade medallion valued at over $500. Chris says that the medium he uses is a trumpet.

Sue Reeve was my metaphysical teacher in 1985. One evening Sue had a class of 15 students. The topic that evening was 'apports'. Only 7 students remained for the meditation. When it was over the class was surprised to find 7 stones in a straight line on the coffee table, left by spirit. One was given to each student. After another class meditation the head of a bisque doll was found on top of the television in the room.