Workshop May 21, 2006, Harmonics and More

Robert and the Crystal Bowls

Three tables were used for various activities throughout the day, starting with Robert and his crystal bowls.

After the imploding crystal bowl incident here in October 2004, Robert bought 3 new bowls, A, D, and F, never replacing his beloved C bowl. Much to his surprise, a new bowl, a perfect C, was waiting for him when he arrived at the workshop, a gift from me.

Robert's crystal bowls were placed in a line on the tables in the living room as the workshop began with a tone. He explained about the uses of crystal bowls and gave out charts showing the alignment of each bowl (note) with a specific chakra.

As a class exercise, students either stood or sat down around the tables as Robert worked with one bowl at a time. Each bowl created another harmonic that resonated throughout the room and beyond. The tones were experienced as part of group harmonics and individual frequency alignment.

Beginning with the C bowl, root/first chakra, students experienced a flood of spirits entering the room as if a door had opened and they had merged with another reality. One could hear the whispers of entities talking to each other. Most of these entities were not connected to the students in the workshop. The experience was about viewing an endless line of spirits passing by. It reminded me of 9/11, viewing many souls in transition, seen as projected illusion within their reality running parallel to our own.

Students had their most profound experience with the D bowl, sacral/second chakra. For me, its resonance was heard by my left ear, then the tones would arc over my head to the right ear then back again continually repeating this pattern. It was truly amazing.

The F bowl, heart/fourth chakra created another special effect. Initially we opened our heart chakras and experienced our individual energetic connections. Then Z told me to link the group harmonics to the heart chakra of the planet. When we did this, people had strange and unusual reactions. It was a sinking feeling for many people as Earth changes were experienced on different levels.

The A bowl, third eye/sixth chakra created a strong oscillating effect in the room.

After a few minutes the group held hands as a huge way of energy was created. It spiraled towards Robert as if he were the 'eye' of the Milky Way Galaxy. The third eye bowl, relates to December 18, Robert's birthday, also linked to the Galactic Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, Home, Aum, Om.

After class, Robert set up a space in my bedroom and worked with several of the students, one at a time.

Robert and Jean

Crystal Bowl and Orb

Email from Robert:


Pat, Crystal Healing, John of God

Pat spoke about her 3 day experience with John of God, April 2-4, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia where 2000 people came from around the world, for healing. Attendees included religious leaders from all denominations, holding 24x7 prayer circles which magnified the energies.

Dressed in white each day, people went into one of 3 rooms to sit in prayer for hours and to be touched by John of God and whatever spirit he was channeling who came through him at that moment. He allegedly is the conduit for many spirits and angels. When they enter his body, Pat observed that his facial and body expressions changed.

What she enjoyed most is the overall healing and profound sense of peace that all the attendees felt by the last day, anger and anxiety gave way to peace and inner balance.

Pat had sciatic back pain when she arrived, which is now dissipated. When John of God touched her hand during the healing, she was surprised that it felt cold, whereas with other healers the energies create a "hot" sensation. He told Pat to return to her room to rest, and that she would sleep for 24 hours. Pat found that very hard to believe but nonetheless she did!

Pat described how John of God works. To begin, he tells people, "If you are meant to get a healing you will be healed. If, however, there is some greater purpose to your situation, you will not be healed."

It is widely believed that even if people did not see some immediate physical healing that same day, everyone had a peace about them and on some spiritual level, a healing took place.

As we know, spiritual healing will vibrate to the emotional and physical centers to promote healing there. But ... if one does not heal the root cause of the ailment, it will manifest elsewhere in the body. To heal the symptoms, one must heal the cause.

Pat bought two very brilliant white quartz crystals, both single terminated, at about 3-4 inches in length. These crystals came from a sacred mountain in Brazil where John Of God was guided by the spirits he channels to build his retreat. Can you imagine living above a mountain of quartz crystals?

She brought her crystals to the workshop to share with the class.

After a period of Q&A and discussion with Pat about John of God, students were instructed to remain calmly seated with their palms up. Healings and attunements were then done on each student by Pat and Ellie by placing the crystals into student's palms and bringing in the energies of the angels and John of God and for the greater good of each individual.


Past Life Reverie

A past life reverie occurs when more than one people are regressed at the same time and place.

After creating balance with Robert, then healing and attunement with Pat, students were ready to move through the loops of time to discover other aspects of their soul's experiences.

Guided by Z, I took the students back in time, spending time in what is called a 'past life' or parallel experience. Students were taken to the end of that life time, to the moment of their death when the soul lifts from the physical body and transition occurs.

Where does a soul go? What does it experience between lifetimes?

Next we went to a 'giant projection room'. It is here one finds a circle of endless streaming projections of all and everything in the grids. Is this the so-called Hall of Records? Semantics ... all semantics.

Each soul then remained in the center as the circles of projected images spiraled around them.

From this point we traveled to a future timeline where souls experienced entering a fetus and being born again. What did the future hold? What was education like? Lots to experience.

When we returned to this timeline students were given paper and a pen, as we sat in silence so each one could recapture the memories of what they had experienced.


Leonardo Da Vinci

I spoke briefly about Leonardo Da Vinci, my opinion of the movie that premiered last Friday, Leonardo's mission, his life, and passions. By now everyone knew what he was about and felt it was time to move beyond his messages linked to the fall of religious paradigms. Amen!

Leonardo was a visionary, a mechanical engineer whose thoughts, projects, and works of art reflect the geometry of creation. He left behind many notebooks filled with endless designs and notes written backwards, as that was how he wrote.

It is suspected that he had ADHD, perhaps dyslexia or both. Much of his life plays like the harmonic of an unfinished symphony as Leonardo generally got bored with his projects, unable to focus, leaving many things incomplete. His codes and messages are there for those who would find and decipher them when the time was right. Now is that time, not only for his codes, but for all codes in the program.

Geniuses like Da Vinci are placed in the grid to create codes, prophecies for the timelines that follow. Information about reality and religion would be suppressed until humanity would be set free from its physical bonds. The messages of these men would resonate through time. Rest assured, there were countless others attracting the same information in the grids as Leonardo, who also encoded their messages in their work, most of which were destroyed in the games of humanity.

Truth, the real truth, is never lost. It can be found everywhere in time when you are ready to see. It is the metaphors that come to us as synchronicities, epiphanies, wake-up calls, etc. The greatest messages are encoded within your DNA which holds the ultimate truths about the creation of this reality and your part in it.

Did Leonardo [leo, lion, omega] Da Vinci understand sacred geometry and the nature of reality? Did famous alchemists through the centuries also know the truth, but as with all programs, kept the information metaphorically encoded in their work? Did they know that one day the time would come when men would fly in the alchemy of time and consciousness? Secrets ... History is about secrets, mystery schools, cover-ups, secret societies, codes that unravel the truth, chosen ones, protectors of the codes, and more.


Art Work

The last part of the workshop had to do with creative design coming from the imagination and soul of each students, who painted one or more pictures. I discussed automatic writing and art before we started to paint. If there was more time, this lesson could have been taken to many other levels ... alas the hour grew late.

Students completed one or more water colored paintings, as guided. Some students laughed and spoke to others as they did their work, while others were more reflective. There was no right or wrong as the images began to take shape on each person's paper.

Water color paper is thick and amazing to work on. The pencils are used to design the images. The water is applied to create a special effect.

After a while, students completed their paintings and I collected the image, one table at a time. I then gave each person a picture created by someone from another table, so no one knew who had created the picture they were looking at.

On a blank piece of paper their assignment was to study the painting and write down psychic impressions about the design and/or the person who created it.

When everyone was finished writing, one by one, I held up each picture for the class to see as the person who had written about that picture read their impressions. Every picture was a reflection of what was going on within that person's soul.

Below are some of the pictures and artists ...

Anastasia and the Priestesses

Tania and The Time Keeper

The Clock (12:20 or 20:12), Steps, Book, Box, Flame, More ...

Robert, an architect in NYC, laughingly said he is selling his art work on Ebay for $100 US




Somehow I knew Jean would get my picture, given to her by Pat.

Jean initially thought the painting belonged to Jason, seated at the far end of the room.

Jean wrote ...

Thank you, Jean!

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