Psssst . . . . l l l l l l l l I'm over here . . . . . l l l l l l l I went through a time portal and found myself back . . . l l l l l l l two million years ago.
It all started when I was researching my files on the Woolly Rhinoceros as we have a story about them in E-Zine.

I didn't feel an affinity toward the rhino as I do with my Woolly Mammoths but I decided to go back in time and see what they were like.

I jumped in my time machine . . . set in the code words Woolly Rhinos and took off! I wound up at the end of the Pleistocene Period (10,000 years ago). This place seemed to have a chilly climate. There were no dinosaurs around . . . just lots of flora and fauna. But I could see lots of other Prehistoric Animals . . . Hey! There's my mammoth over there! [Heart racing] "Hey woolly, over here!" [Woolly trotting over to Ellie] He remembered me! Think I'll take a ride on his back and explore! There's a Sabre Tooth Cat! I'm not a 'Cat' person! That one's an Arsinotherium. There's a Giant Sloth I believe a small version of the sloth still exist today. Hard to believe they were as tall as trees! Look at the lower tusks on that Dinotherium! That's a Mastodon! I think I'll get off Woolly and see if I can find a woolly rhino! Now where is that woolly rhino? Uh oh! He sees me. He's starting to chase me! I better run for it! [Ellie running quickly!] {Woolly protecting her and chasing the rhino away!] A Cave! Whew! Time to rest! Why do I sense I'm not alone? [In ancient times one had to rely on instinct to survive]. "Hello! I'm Ellie from the 21st Century!" "Grunt!" "Hey! Let go of my hair!" "Growl"! "Now listen up you big stupid ape! . . . I'm not supposed to interfere while time traveling. Didn't anybody tell you the rules of the Game!? If you let me go I'll give you a marshmallow pumpkin and 6 jelly bellies!!" [Ellie producing her hidden stash] [Cave man taking the candy . . . gulping them down quickly] "Yum!" [Ellie sneaking away gracefully . . .] "Well it's been fun . . . but my woolly is waiting for me outside! Not to mention my time machine! Wouldn't want any of your family members to find it and transport into the 21st Century!" Don't suppose he'd pose for a picture for Ellie's World?! Maybe one day archaeologists will discover his fossilized remains and wonder how he wound up with jelly bellies in his stomach! [Ellie running and jumping on Woolly's back. Huff! Puff!] [Caveman in pursuit . . . seeking some sugar . . . Could this be humanity's first 'sugar rush'?] "OK Woolly! Back to the old time machine! Ya know Woolly, I really have to learn to manifest a man I can communicate with . . !" "TIME to say goodbye Woolly! See you again soon! Promise! And I won't wait another 10,000 years!" [Woolly looking sad] "You want to come back with me? But I live in a small apartment . . . in Brooklyn . . . people would notice! Live in the park? I'd love it Woolly . . . but in the 21st Century you would be captured and dissected! I couldn't live with that! Humanity still hasn't reached a place of spiritual balance! I promise to come back real soon and bring the readers with me! Sometimes soulmates get separated in TIME . . .