Sunday October 3, 2004

A local Brooklyn client named Bob, an accountant, my age, came to see me today. Bob is into metaphysical studies, is a Reiki Master, and loves to receive information and activations from different channelers who he travels to work with. We had not spoken since he was here for the Harmonic Concordance least November. Bob told me that he was guided to call yesterday asking if I would like to spend the afternoon with him on this picture perfect day in NYC. I set aside my preparations for my upcoming workshop, feeling a connection with Bob and the workshop, though he is unable to attend.

There was much to catch-up on and share as we began our conversation in my home, soon after going for a walk in the park. We found the spot for Robert to create the labyrinth on Sunday beside the obelisk, for the workshop. Bob offered other suggestions about walking the labyrinth, that I incorporate into the journey Sunday.

We found a bench on a stone path not far from the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge, facing the water, the sun twinkling between the tall trees whose leaves are now turning fall colors. There we sat for a long time, the elements embracing us, talking out our journeys and goals on many levels.

We sat there talking for two hours, after which we decided to go to the local diner on the next block. Suddenly, a loud, almost deafening noise, created by something on the bridge, sent a vibration through it, creating a harmonic we both heard.

"The lion will roar," Bob said with a smile, not knowing it was part of my mission statement.

A woman, walking a large black dog, passed by. I looked at the dog, thought of Sirius the Dog Star linked to Isis, and heard, Black Isis, ancient mystery school teachings brought forth at this time. My focus was riveted to the clouds above the bridge. As I love to do cloud scrying, I showed Bob a chalice, cup between the arches, Holy Grail, the bloodline. Physically, beneath the image, flew 4 white birds.

As Bob and I walked along, he noticed one white rose on the stone path. There is no way it could have been there without getting trampled by pedestrians or their pets in the time we sat there. We would have noticed it as we sat down. Bob picked up the white rose and handed it to me. It was fresh and perfect. We both know it was from Z.

.... The Rose Bloodline, Sarah and Alexander. I have known that the energies moved from the Middle East, across the continents, and will end here. The events of 9/11, bring things full circle and its aftermath confirm this.

As we walked out of the park, Bob said, "Did you know that Brooklyn is the New Egypt?" I had never heard that. Bob continued, "We live in Kings County, Valley of the Kings. To the east is Queens County, Valley of the Queens. The East River symbolizes the Nile. Bob continued comparing the 2 areas, as I finally chimed in with, "The area from Ground Zero to the Verrazano Bridge is Zero Point merge." Bob smiled in recognition. I also mentioned that the energies of the Third Temple Mount were shown to me by Z as the same area. Bob could not disagree. I believe that Nostradamus refers to it as the New City.

Bob and I walked on toward the diner. Just past my house, is a restaurant called Pazza, where they filmed that movie a few weeks ago. There was a celebration going on inside, the noise of the band so loud, the energies of the people so 'happy', I told Bob that we must see what's going on. Inside there was a party after a christening and everyone was dancing and celebrating. On an easel just inside the entrance, was a gorgeous hand-made poster with a picture of the baby and a saying commemorating the event. Celebrate Life The baby's image was surrounded in each of the 4 corners with a glittering butterfly in pastel shades, the dance of life and metamorphosis. Bob and I laughed at the synchronicities and metaphors as we walked on to the diner.