What's Happened to the All the Websites?

July, 2003

Years ago, I stated that the Internet will increase with millions of websites and e-books as everyone who has something to say, or sell, will find it a good venue. That is how it all began, and I began in August 1995 with the premiere issue of Crystalinks.

Now more than ever before, humans need to express their inner emotional selves. What better place than cyberspace. Some were guided to write books about their lives and put them online. Others, not as talented or dedicated, created websites to work through emotional issues about their personal pain and suffering. Some of the websites contained poetry and articles in which the writer overcame issues, thus hoping to guide others heal.

Many of the personal website that dealt with issues and a catharsis of soul, were taken down as people could not maintain them, could not afford to keep them running, or for other personal reasons and dramas. The internet is evolving as are our souls and the frequency in which we experience and 'see' life.

Websites enlighten and entertain on many levels. We learn by observing. We experience vicariously. We put the pieces of our personal puzzles together by reading the internet and discovering the world.

As few things survive in this reality, unless transformed, most of the websites, especially those by students, were destined to come down. Crystalinks has always remained a Work in Progress to this very day.

Websites created by news services, big corporations, and industries have been renovated to reflect changing times and technologies. No longer is dial-up the fashion. It's all high speed and instant connection. What has also changed is that people no longer want to read. You must catch their attention quickly and go from there. From My Space to Google with its growing facets, the industry is moving from words on paper to audio and video and far more exciting things each year.

In the computer world we find the rise and fall of the IT industry, with outsourcing to foreign countries, but the industry will return, revamped. Web designers lost jobs as easy-to-work programs allowed people to create their own websites. In 1995, when it all began for me, someone wanted to change me $1 every time he created a hyperlink for Crystalinks. It motivated me to learn html myself.

Sex and gambling have remained popular online activities along with virtual reality games, a mirror of our reality. The internet is here to stay, evolving with human consciousness and technologies.