Vision Quest Meditation with Music - Crystalinks

Vision Quest

The vision quest, like an initiation, has many purposes, the most important being, balance, clarity and focus from your higher mind, or spirits who join you during this rite of passage. Today we will do simple meditation to achieve some sort of connection with that which is attained in a vision quest over many days. This can be done prior to the actual vision quest. It is all about your readiness to accept changes and messages that align with your personal grid matrix during this experience that is the goal. You can do this in your home, outdoors, or anywhere that calls to your soul. As with a true vision quest, surrounding yourself in a circle of stones, crystals, shells, or candles, may add to the experience.

Vision Quest - A Meditation

Envision yourself alone and relaxed
in an open field of grass and trees.

Feel the sun's warmth and light bathing your body
creating a feeling of peace and tranquility.

As you open up your senses
the fragrances of natural surround you ...
the grass and the flowers.

Listen to the sounds of nature,
water rippling over stones,
the birds and animals.

A Spirit comes forth to take you on a journey
in which your spiritual mission will be shown.

This spirit may be human, or other, in form.

Go with the spirit on foot, by flight, or something else.

Take your time and return when a message is given.

Write down what you have experienced.

You may want to do further research to understand
who you are
why you are here
and what you have to do.

Please return for another vision quest in time, if guided.