Prophecies and Bloodlines, Vatican Secrets

January 13, 2006

Every now and again I read someone who makes a lasting impression on me. Recently, I read a woman, who is in her 70's, born in Italy, who now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Arriving in a Senior Citizen Van, then walking slowly with a cane, she arrived at my apartment as I looked into her compelling blue eyes, which would capture me during the session. Her identity remains anonymous as she seeks no publicity.

There was something special about her, that I sensed from the moment we met. One could easily recognize a life of hard work, health problems and fading energies.

We sat at the table, where I read and counsel all of my clients and she told me her story and prophecy.

She began by telling me that she had heard about me through a priest I recently read who felt guided to send her to me to share her story.

Hers was a lifetime that should be recorded in a book or mini-series. Her life was one of mystery and intrigue, including an escape from Italy during WW II to the United States, decades as a healer and psychic in her area, and most importantly a need to share her visions of our timeline.

Her life has been anything but the norm, having survived illnesses and accidents, that would have killed anyone. She is still active in her local church and has a strong religious belief system, based on her background.

As a child, she made many visits to the Vatican, before and in the early stages of WW II, because of bloodline/family connections. She recounted childhood tales about secret rooms (not the familiar catacombs open to the pubic) and sneaking out to watch clandestine meetings that stirred her soul, as a psychically gifted child. One could almost relive her memories through her eyes, the lens to the soul of creation. Her energies spoke the truth of an innocent young child caught up in the moment.

According to her, there are hidden manuscripts under the Vatican, that tell of the fall of the church and the beginning of a new age not long after the beginning of the 21st century. Though she did not have access to read them, as a child, she did eavesdrop on conversations and understood, that secrets can be kept just so long and will one day be revealed. She believes that day is coming soon.

She did not understand my concept of reality as a hologram, but sensed a truth in my words.

Though her prophecy matches the endless others we have read about, hearing about her Vatican experiences added an extra 'touch' and further verification to facts already given, and others to be revealed in the years ahead.

I showed her the book I had written Sarah and Alexander. She smiled as she looked at the cover, almost knowingly. She held the book and blew me away by telling me about the early part of the book when Rose Mandelbaum escapes, saying that was very important. She no longer reads books do to poor vision and did not know about my book. She psychically 'saw' it developed into a film, in the time before everything changes.

Our one hour session, continued into 2, then 3. There is much that I cannot share, but her truth, as with those of other seers in all timelines, is that reality is about to shift in consciousness.

She promised to return and tell me more, but somehow I don't foresee that. She is one of those people I mentioned earlier in the month, who will come into one's life in 2006, bring a message, and move on.

Our reality has always been steeped in mystery and secrecy, for if souls really understood that all was an illusion, they would no longer want to play in this never-ending story that tries our souls. Many clients ask me, "What is the purpose to all of the endless madness that permeates the game and keeps us bound here? What makes humanity keep going?" It's about knowing there is something more that is about to emerge.

Vatican Secret Archives The answers are in the archives. Whose archives?