Things Happen the Way They Are Supposed To

I am sure you have all heard this expression at one time or another to explain situations in your life, especially when studying metaphysics and looking for answers above what is given in third dimension. But what does it mean?

Things happen as we attract them into our lives.

Some of what we experience is guided by the conscious mind, free will. These are the small everyday choices we make that are not soul connected.

But the important challenges we face are predetermined. Your soul guides these events, which you see as your destiny, or the turning points in your life.

You are more aware of the impact, influences, of these events in your life at this time, as you are raising your consciousness awareness and frequency, thus looking for greater purpose in your life.

Your soul no longer has time for the nonsense of the emotional body. It needs you to awaken to your mission, discovering who you are as a spirit.

When 'things happen the way they are supposed to', the guidance is from a creational source not 3D, but from your soul, or the matrix of the program itself.

You allow the energies to flow, then let go of control and the rational mind, as it is unable to conceptualize what is happening.

As of late, part of understanding these changes is a realization for many people that that don't belong here or are not from here. I know that many of readers have always know they are not from here, considering a future timeline or an off planet existence in which they are here not to help humanity shift its frequency at this time after which they will return Home. This can also be viewed as a parallel experience in which you are having 3D experiences as well as those in a higher light body.

People are seeing double and triple digits, numeric wake-up codes. 11:11, twin towers, 333=9=endings. Can you hear your wake-up call? Have you attracted the numbers into your life, everywhere you go?

You attract the important experiences in your life by what appears as synchronicities. When they occur, they feel 'as they should be' - to your body, mind, and soul. Therefore you feel comfortable in saying, "Things happened the way they are supposed to, or the way they are meant to."