Email From Young Readers, January 2003

Hi Ellie,

I think your website is so fascinating. I love that you put so much effort into Crystalinks. I am only 12 years old, and I find these kinds of things very interesting. I would love to have your job to find out about all these beliefs and facts about the world. My grandfather would really like your website, for he also believes in unexplainable things. He says, "What makes life so interesting is that you don't know everything about it."

Thank you for your time.



I have been reading Crystalinks for a year now, having been brought here when I was researching for a school project, and I miraculously stumbled onto your website. Suddenly so many questions were answered, particularly the one pertaining to the fact that I am now 18 years old and feel so different. I found the starseeds file and I immediately felt a connection. I come to read Crystalinks daily. I know you really don't have a lot of time, but I am the only one I know (personally) who truly, wholeheartedly believes in metaphysics and the other things you discuss on your website. My sole guidance is the messages I receive from meditating. My parents rather disapprove of, and distrust these beliefs. I was wondering if you have any advice for a young woman growing up in a world where it seems like so few really understand.

Thank you so much, Ellie.


The Big Blue Marble

I have read teenagers, and worked as a teacher, with many enlightened students who feel lost and alone in a world that often doesn't seem to work. How do we explain what President Bush is doing, to our youth?

Young readers, seekers of knowledge, comprise a large part of Crystalinks as is reflected in the stats. They 'do their homework' in more ways than one, then go on to seek answers about things that call to them in ways that those around them do not understand as they have not enlightened, woke up yet. Older people are too busy to look at the clues being offered by spirit.

Adults are generally busy with their lives, relationships and such. Many adults merely shut down that side of who we all are, opening it only when they need to pray, to ask for something, then go back to the 3D worlds to which they have become accustomed, which generally are boring and don't work anyway, as this program isn't supposed to work. That's the game.

With changing frequencies, all souls will come into awareness, through dreams, synchronicities, epiphanies of one kind or another. Hang in their Julie and the rest of the students of Crystalinks. Keep on questing and looking for those of like mind and frequency.