Steve and The Cave

January 12, 2000

In 1996 I was told that I would meet many men named Steve who would influence my spiritual journey. One of them was Steve Stewart from Brooklyn. In March, at age 31, he came for a reading. He had lost both parents and a sister within the prior 5 years. We spoke with his parents and resolved some of his issues.

One day Steve surprised both of us by demonstrating amazing kills with time/grid traveling also known as remote viewing. He had natural talent and no formal training. As a result, the information received, was not influenced by things he had learned over years of conditioning. Steve is a spiritual person who likes to help others. He believes that the more you give, the more you receive. Steve shared a spiritual journey with my friend Nicole to the Four Corners area home of the Anasazi Indians

Steve and The Cave

Since 1989 I have had this vision of walking in a cave located where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet - though now the area is a dried up river bed. Sometimes I see Turkey - sometimes Iraq. This represents the Cradle of Civilization. This area of the world links to my spirit guide and counterpart on the other side - Zoroaster. In my visions I see myself finding the cave with a man named Amaan.

I asked Steve to psych on 'Ellie and a Cave' somewhere - giving him no further details about my visions. His revelations sound a lot like the journey of humanity.

A 'cave' can symbolize a place where sacred information has been stored, or hidden, to be found when the time was 'right'. It often represents a place in the unconscious mind that you will access when your soul is ready.

Steve closed his eyes. This is what he saw ...

I decided to look for information on ancient Iran - Persia I found a website called The Persian Expedition

I nearly fainted when I saw three synchronicities:

- A man named Ernst was part of the expedition
- Ernst was German
- The expedition ended in 1939/1940 with links with my memories of a loop created in time

Ernst Herzfeld standing in front of a stone wall relief.
12-spoked Wheel - 12 Around 1 -- Darius -- Zoroaster

Scroll (Story) .... 3 Pyramids
Zoroaster as the Winged Lion ... more

Many believe the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet contains a numeric code linked to creation. Before the adoption of the present script, Hebrew was written by the ancient Israelites, both Jews and Samaritans, using the paleo-Hebrew alphabet. During the 3rd century BCE, Jews began to use a stylized form of the Aramaic alphabet, while the Samaritans continued to use a form of the paleo-Hebrew script, called the Samaritan script. The present "square script" Hebrew alphabet is a stylized version of the Aramaic alphabet which was adopted from that used by the Persian Empire (which in turn was adopted from the Arameans). After the fall of the Persian Empire, Jews used both scripts before settling on the Aramaic form. For a limited time thereafter, the use of the paleo-Hebrew script among Jews was retained only to write the Tetragrammaton, but soon that custom was also abandoned. The Tetragrammaton refers to the name of the God of Israel YHWH used in the Hebrew Bible.

2012 Sarah and Alexander - The Alchemy of Time

Reality is about codes that repeat in time. Codes are DNA - encoded messages that propel us on to quest for our truths and complete our mission here. Such is the story of Rose Mandelbaum, the last Guardian of the Seed, and her granddaughter, Sarah ...

A seed has been planted in the woods near an ancient wooden footbridge. We meet the last of a sacred bloodline whose genetic codes have been activated. Their journey is reflected in their mission - to move humanity to its next cycle of consciousness. Such is the quest of Sarah Manning. 2012 SARAH AND ALEXANDER is an exciting, fast paced science fiction adventure, jam-packed with intrigue and romance. This metaphoric saga, connected to the ancient mysteries of our planet, is an epoch spanning 72 years and crossing three continents. It revolves around Sarah Manning's race against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed.