Wheels, Pyramids and Wands, Shell Games

May 3, 2003

Last night, my friend Ron and I meditated on the phone together. He was standing in the cool night air near his home in New Jersey, energized by the New Moon in Taurus. I was in Brooklyn, in the energies of the Verrazano Bridge just in front of me as I lay on my sofa.

It all began as I watched the back of a wagon train,
which morphed into an omega symbol (Endings).

I saw a spoked wagon wheel.

Which became an Alchemy Wheel

Then it became the gears on a clock

Suddenly the wheel was covered in snow.

Consciousness Frozen in Time

The ice began to melt down
until all that was left was the wheel
which was now made of white light.

The hub of the wheel began to separate moving above and below. The spokes formed into a diamond shape, which spun around. (Diamond references the Eclipse of Time and Consciousness and sacred geometry, star tetrahedron)

I saw Ron standing in the Atlantic Ocean (water) just outside my home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. His face was superimposed over the Statue of Liberty, which stands just off to the right as the water flows towards lower Manhattan and Ground Zero, and can be seen from here. Ron looked at the Verrazano Bridge and said it had something to do with freedom.

Next I saw him as a god figure, but just saw his large hands. He was holding a crystal that was burnt orange in color with a black spot in the center, like an image of the sun when talking about solar flares. The crystal was shaped like a dodecahedron = 20 = 2 = which takes us to Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids.

Reptiles links with reptilian (dragon, snake) references which is a metaphor for DNA and the reptilian brain.

Next I heard the word truncated which means to truncate until the original faces become regular polygons with double the sides. Truncated dodecahedron. This polyhedron can be formed from a dodecahedron by truncating (cutting off) the corners so the pentagon faces become decagons and the corners become triangles. It shares its vertex arrangement with the uniform star polyhedron great icosicosidodecahedron.

After the crystal changed shape, we found ourselves in Egypt, on the Giza Plateau, looking at the three main pyramids.

Not sure why, but they appeared as a shell game to us. Ron and I began to play. He lifted each one and said, "See, they are empty." Then he placed the crystal under one of the 3 pyramids and started moving them around like the old 'shell game.'

Ron placed the crystal under one of the pyramids.

"Guess which one has the crystal?" he asked as he moved them around quickly, then stopped.

He had a funny smirk on his face.

I thought for a moment, then decided on the pyramid on my left.

He lifted the pyramid! I was right!

The crystal morphed into a black shiny ball looking like a shimmering marble.

We repeated the game.

This time it seemed so easy to find the black marble, or crystal, seed. It was as if I could see through the pyramids. "It's in the middle one, the Great Pyramid, " I said confidently.

And so it was...

"What's my prize?" I asked with great enthusiasm.

Ron produced a magic wand, black with a white tip.

"You are the magician," he said. "You have the power to make magic happen, create." Ellie in Egypt, December 11-12, 2000

The next day I received this email with a link to Egypt.

From Eunice,