Self-Help Lists - November 2014

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Napping   Huffington Post - November 30, 2014
Napping is only for the lazy - or those under 5.
If I take a nap, I'll only wake up feeling worse.
You definitely shouldn't nap at work.
Coffee before a nap will keep me up.
I'll be more productive if I just finish this task, rather than waste time sleeping.

5 Trends Driving Global Rates of ADHD   Epoch Times - November 28, 2014
1. Drug companies are effective lobbyists, and have spurred some countries to relax marketing restrictions on stimulants.

2. Psychoanalytic treatment with talk therapy is giving way to biological psychiatry - treating psychological problems with drugs.

3. More European and South American psychologists and psychiatrists are adopting the American-based Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) standards, which are broader and have a lower threshold for diagnosing ADHD.

4. Vocal ADHD advocacy groups work closely with drug companies to promote pharmaceutical treatment.

5. The easy availability of ADHD information and self-diagnosis online empowers consumers to ask for prescription treatment.

5 Things That Don't Belong In Your Bed   Huffington Post - November 24, 2014
I find lists make my life easier and more efficient. New Years Eve 2015 is not far away. How about making that list now and seeing what you can do over the next two months. 1. Your Phone 2. Work 3. Pets 4. Food 5. Books

10 Tips For Healthier Grocery Shopping, From The Nutrition Experts Who Know Best   Huffington Post - November 20, 2014

Make A List
Don't Go Hungry
Pick (Even) More Produce
Stock Up On Canned Foods
Go Plain
Be Selective When Buying Organic
Read The Label
Try Something New
Don't Buy At Eye-Level
Do A Final Check

3 Simple Tricks To Improve Running Form (And Have The Best Run Ever)   Huffington Post - November 20, 2014

Perfect your quick strike
Run call to Run right
Know your cadence

7 Signs You Own Way Too Much Clothing   Huffington Post - November 19, 2014

I can't close my drawers
I found something I bought two years ago in the back of my closet with the tags still on it.
Forgot I ordered items online and the FedEx guy showed up with this ...
Just realized I have 20 pairs of the same pair of jeans.
This is the third time this year I've had to buy more hangers.
Salespeople know me on a first name basis.

  5 rules to make your diet stick for good   NBC - November 12, 2014
Popular diets don't work long term
1. Choose an eating plan that works for your eating personality
2. Set realistic goals - and be patient
3. Find the right kind of support
4. Accept that you will get off track at times
5. Address your stress

  Top 5 Things That Highly Productive People Do Every Day   Epoch Times - November 7, 2014
A new study suggests that workers aren't as productive at their jobs as they would like to be. Although we spend about 45 hours per week at work, but it's only 17 of those hours that we are actually productive.
1. (See Video)
2. Don't check your email in the morning.
3. Prioritize your time.
4. Eliminate distractions.
5. Have a personal system.

7 Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Posture   Epoch Times - November 7, 2014

1. Poor posture ages you inside and out
2. Poor posture increases your risk for injury
3. Poor posture affects your energy level and state of mind
4. Poor posture can cause osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
5. Poor posture isnÕt pretty
6. Poor posture negatively affects whole body health
7. Poor posture can be changed

7 Things You Should Never Apologize For   Huffington Post - November 6, 2014

Going to bed early.
Saying no.
Taking a vacation.
Letting go of a toxic friendship.
Not answering that email right away.
Snagging some alone time.
Putting yourself first.

6 Morning Habits You Need to Dig Into   Epoch Times - November 5, 2014

Stop snoozing.
Wake up early.
Take a deep breath and check in with yourself.
Get some exercise.
Drink warm water with lemon before coffee.
Eat when youÕre hungry.

8 Healthy Habits to Adopt Now   Huffington Post - November 3, 2014

1. Stock up on healthy foods.
2. Eat sitting down - you'll eat slower.
3. Drink water instead of liquid calories.
4. Snack on fruit instead of chips.
5. Eat a colorful salad -- or veggies -- each day.
6. Chew your food well.
7. Put leftovers away - don't leave them out.
8. To thyself be true. - recognize what works - and doesn't for you

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Body's Internal Clock   Huffington Post - November 3, 2014

Electronic light is totally screwing up your internal clock.
Camping could help reset it to a more natural rhythm.
You can give yourself jet lag without buying a plane ticket.
Jet lag and other sleep problems are actually considered circadian rhythm disorders.
Some of our genes operate on internal clocks and messing with your sleep upsets almost all of them.
Some of those genes affect the immune system.
A wonky circadian clock could affect fertility.
Sleep problems in people with depression may be due to faulty circadian clocks.
Even fruits and veggies have circadian clocks.

Self-Help Lists November 2014