School's in Session

It's September and most souls are eager to learn. Reality is a virtual universe within a university. We set a course based on what is guided. Education takes us on that course, but as realities shift, so must our focus. Colleges/Universities ... what are the final goals? Students must choose a major that results in a career when finished with school. Some courses are more like therapy than career planning in a world where many drop out. Consider if a 'Masters Program' will be needed. Counseling helps.

If there is no longer anything to learn ... no further journey ... then what?

September 5, 2006

Good day class. Welcome to Metaphysics 2007. It's time to see what's in store for the 9 year (2007). Most of you have done your homework and advanced to this level. For those who do not have the right prerequisites, please return to your old teachers and patterns to complete those lessons before returning here.

To begin ... we already know there is nothing new in the program, just recycled information and how we explore and experience it. Reality is not within the box, but without, yet consciousness is within, not without. Got (god) it?

Each semester has its core curriculum for you and the student body of the world. Your soul has set in motion your agenda and passages. Can you read them?

The 9 year, in real time, will bring sudden endings, so please be prepared: deaths, relationships, businesses, and an upheaval within all systems.

As you know evolution in any form is a natural process and cannot be altered or stopped. You should be beyond trying to change the program's grid matrix, unless you are a programmer.

All of you are ready for the next step, yet we have to wonder if that will be shown while in the physical mind. Can one move into higher archetypical consciousness and comprehend what is being shown? It's all there, you just have to reach beyond the stars.

The closing scenes of season 3 of The 4400 showed the main characters going off to find new destinies, with the hope that permeates the human condition, as we move forward into the unknown.

Jordan Collier sat on the pier, by the stream, his feet dangling in the water, writing in his journal. There was a voice over as he wrote and we saw most of the main characters in transition ... a feeling of providence. Collier wrote ...