Synchronicities With "Sarah and Alexander"

Touch the book and begin your journey

"Sarah and Alexander"seems to be attracting a global following since it came out on 03/03/03. I see the energies moving through the grids like a giant artery system in which the flow begins as red blood, the bloodline, that quickly morphs into a deep gold color which flows quickly, alchemy.

This is the first week of distribution for the book. One an only purchase the book on Crystalinks at this time.

I have been spending lots of time at the post office mailing out the books. Today, as I got on line, I got that serendipitous feeling one gets when something magical is about to occur. These days my life is one big synchronicity.

As I stood on line, the man in front of me was also mailing books. He mentioned that he sells them through He was a friendly man, from my area of Brooklyn, who had retired from Forbes Publishing here in NYC, where my daughter Nikki, the daughter linked to "Sarah and Alexander" and my past life in WW II Germany, got her start in media.

While at Forbes, over a 30 year period, this man had accumulated hundreds of new books that were given to him. Once retired, he decided to set up a business selling books on Amazon, a Z Store, his own little website created on their site for only $39 a month. He was doing well selling his books, then one day something happened. An old man died in his building and left him several thousands unclaimed books all of which were new. The man I met, took the books and added them to his already growing business.

Here comes the synchronicities with "Sarah and Alexander".

The man began by explaining that many of the books he inherited were First Editions linked to Hitler and WWII, some worth over $500. Did he say Hitler and the war?! He explained that Hitler and the war are a hot topic now and reflected in my book.

I asked for his address at Amazon.

He started to write it down.

His initials are TJM.

"Hey just a minute!" I said.

One of the main characters in "Sarah and Alexander" is named Thomas Joseph Manning.

My publisher is Morris Publishing.

The man's name turned out to be Thomas Joseph Morris!

His address at Amazon begins

As he wrote the rest of his address it looked like

He turned to me and said, "That's not a 2. It's a big Z!"

Ya gotta love this stuff! For those who do not know Z, he Z is my spirit guide, aka Zoroaster and Thoth and Merlin and Hermes the Messenger of the Gods. Thomas Joseph Morris was the messenger for me.

I got Z's messages loud and clear, and so "Sarah and Alexander" will find their way to one day.

I hurried home from the post office, all excited about these synchronicities, also sensing that my first client was going to be early.

Sure enough, she arrived 45 minutes early, just after I got home.

As we began her reading, I noticed two spirits, her grandparents.

Her grandfather's name was Thomas. He was in the publishing business. And the beat goes on....