Becoming a Psychic Reader

In the evolution of consciousness people are awaken their psychic abilities and discovering they can read others. Some enjoy it for fun and as a part time, while others make it a career.

Honing in on the skills needed to do an accurate reading takes time, understanding and practice to determine the validity of the information received. To this end people seek teachers, read books, buy tools such as cards, runes, etc. and begin their journey. Some continue, while others get frustrated and shop, or just read when guided at specific. Some find they can only read for members of their families or close friends, as they share similar frequencies.

For some people doing a reading is second nature as they have intuitively developed their clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities through the years. One can merely read cards and note their meanings from a book of instructions, but a good psychic reader will then take the information given and find its greater purpose in their clients life. One learns to hear names, dates, places, anything that enhances the meanings of the information given but what we call oracles of divination, or the tools we use to help guide our readings. We search for answers but we must understand how to explain what we see and hear from the person's soul and spirit on the other side.

Some prefer to close their eyes when doing a reading, to see images and 'hear' messages that come through as thought forms, while other readers can do this with this with their eyes open, by tuning their consciousness to that which is above. This takes time and practice. It is like opening a window to the other side, opening your mind, or the right side of your brain, to receive messages from above.

Readings can be short, a few minutes, or long, several hours, depending on how deep you want the levels of understanding to go. As you move past the surface, you get to the emotional levels of your client and need to help them peal away the layers that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Readings can be done just about anywhere that is comfortable for you and your client.

Fees vary. Some people read for free, while other charge hundreds of dollars. In the beginning you should practice for free as it takes some of the pressure off you.

Sessions can, and should, be recorded.

Oracles of Divination

- Scrying
- Tarot, Many choices of decks and spreads
- Regular playing cards or other metaphysical cards
- Runes
- I Ching
- Pendulums
- Astrology
- Palmistry
- Numerology
- Tea Leaves or Coffee Grinds
- Ouija Board or other similar devices
- Automatic Writing
- Crystal Balls or Crystal Scrying
- Psychometry
- Holding your clients hand
- Aura Readings
- Photos
- Candle Readings (drippings after the session)

Topics to Cover

- Love and Relationships
- Job, Career, and Education
- Family
- Friends
- Health and emotional issues which include fears and phobias
- Relocation, Home environment
- Spiritual mission and other metaphysical subjects
- Dreams
- Mediumship
- Pets
- Cars
- Creative interests and talents
- Hobbies

Rituals Some Use Before Doing A Reading

- Praying for guidance to their spirit guides or God
- Placing a white light around themselves and the client
- Using various aromas
- Setting out candles on the table
- Smudging, cleansing the work area, like incense
- Holding the hands of the client and praying for guidance to receive the highest information
- Setting the table in a certain way, using crystals or cloth table coverings
- Setting the lighting in the room
- Wearing certain garments. colors, jewelry, or talisman
- Placing a bowl of water or white roses on the table to attract spirits
- Blessing their cards or other tools of divination
- Putting pictures of Jesus or other spiritual masters on or near them
- Setting up other tools, such as magnifying glasses to read palms
- Setting up a tape recorder, (routine)

FAQ About Giving a Reading

Q: Why can't I read for myself?
A: Some people can read their own timelines, most cannot. You will be influences by your own emotional needs.

Q: How many times can I ask the same question?
A: The first answer received is correct

Q: Is there a particular way to place the cards that is best?
A: After a while you will find a way that is comfortable for you. With Tarot most prefer the Celtic Cross.

Q: How seriously should I take my readings?
A: You bring forth information. There is still free will. The person will decide what to do with the information after you present it. Being a psychic reader is truly a major responsibility as you are helping souls find / shape their destines. This is not to be taken lightly.

Q: Does being a psychic reader make me spiritual?
A: No! I have found that the way you live your life makes you spiritual. Many people who are spiritual never read for others. I have found that all spiritual people are psychic- but all psychic people are not spiritual. They just seek answers. There is no right or wrong.

Q: If I get a feeling of death or serious illness around someone when reading them, should i say anything?
A: If you are a beginner, NO! Do not get into very heavy issues.

Q: Are time frames accurate?
A: Mostly they are general. As spirit does live in space / time they usually will not give exact dates. When they say "soon", they can mean in five years.

Q: How should I know when and how much to charge?
A: There is no set fee. Some people read for free. It is OK to charge though. Start low and the right price will find you. Spirit will guide you. Many people who love your reading will tip. When I start to get tips after each reading, I know that spirit is tell me that it is time to raise my prices.

Q: What happens if the time passes and my predictions never comes true?
A: "Free Will" could have altered the time lines. Other situations and people could have altered it. Don't take it personally. There are many factors at play now in the universe.

Q: What should I say someone asks me to use my psychic gifts to change their destiny?
A: Say NO, bad karma for all concerned.

Q: Can I change my set of Tarot cards from one brand to another?
A: Work with whatever feels comfortable

Q: Can I create my own oracle of divination?
A: Of course. Many people do.

Q: Can other people listen to the reading I give?
A: That is between you and the client. I do all readings in private. I do not like the influential energies of others in the room. As I tape all of my sessions, the clients are free to share that information after we are finished.

Q: Will the quality of my readings improve?
A: Yes! As you open up more you will become more clairvoyant and clairaudient to a point where you only use the cards because people think they are a necessary part of the reading.

Q: Will I get weird sensations related to the reading - chills, flushes, pressures in chakras?
A: Some people do, the sensitives. Others don't!

Q: Can I read someone while talking to them on the phone? In a chat room? Email?
A: Yes. You are taping into their frequency! Go for it!

Q: If I read by phone should I get paid first?
A: Always.

Q: In person?
A: Whatever feels comfortable.
I wait until we are finished.

Q: Can anyone learn to read?
A: Yes

Q: Would you suggest people try?
A: If they are balanced, yes. If they are emotionally trouble that will reflect in their readings.

Q: What if the answers are not what the person wants to hear?
A: State them anyway. The person will then walk away feeling that you are inept. So what! No ego stuff here! And no arguing! If the person is unbalanced, don't read them. You do not have the skills nor experience to know what to do. They will make you feel inferior so you will question your talents. Don't let a dysfunctional person do that to you.

Q: Are readings legal?
A: Depends on where you live. In San Francisco your must have a license. In New York they are also not legal. You must either post a note stating: "For entertainment purposes only" or have other credentials such as I do as a therapist, minister, etc. which allow for these sessions.

Q: Can I read better for some people than others?
A: Some people build walls either because they want to challenge you or out of fear as they have deep secrets. If you feel they are too blocked for you, just stop. When I get into this situation, I see the walls, I knock the walls down psychically then read. I also tell the person what I have done. You can also tell the person that you are there to help them not challenge them. Therefore they should shape up or leave!

Q: Do I read better, more clearly, on some days than others?
A: Yes. It depends on the factors in your life.

Q: Is it easier to read some people better than others?
A: Yes. Some people you may not be able to read at all. It is all about tuning your frequency in with theirs, like tuning into a TV or radio. Some stations are beyond your range!

Q: Are women better readers than men ?
A: There is no discrimination due to gender, race, age, sexual preference

Q: Can predicting something in a reading, allow it to manifest in the physical? A: Only the people involved with the event can make it manifest into third dimension. The psychics I know, who see death and destruction, are never happy about their visions or dreams, but usually have no way of stopping them. These visions usually manifest within a three week period [three=3D]. Many people may dream about an event, or get a message about it in meditation, (usually about a tragedy), but they will not be able to prevent the event from occurring.

Q: If someone asks me try to manipulate the outcome of the reading, occult stuff, should I say No?
A: Do not read someone who is looking for you to manipulate anything with spells, rituals, or anything like that. Many people come from backgrounds that encourage psychic manipulation or attack, voodoo and such. Avoid at all cost.

Ellie's Readings

My background includes psychologist, teacher, healer and psychic. I use all of what I have learned through the years to guide my readings, especially in the age of healing and awakening.

I read each person on many levels as their soul and spirit guides dictate. It is most important to address the soul of the person, as that shows the true path the person will take, not necessarily what they say they want.

My basic reading includes palmistry, a bit of numerology and astrology, pictures the client brings, and cards. I don't care to use oracles, but clients enjoy them. The information obtained from your oracles or psychic tools, should overlap and bring the same result. These conclusions should bring the same messages as you get psychically.

When I read cards I read them differently than anyone else I have ever met. The client shuffles the deck. I use playing cards that I have had for over 20 years. I close my eyes, take the top card on the deck, tell the client what I see or hear. Sometimes I get a quick image. Sometimes I get a lengthy movie type set of images. Sometimes I manifest sounds or smells in the room where I am working in that connect to the card and information given. I never know. It flows like a river. I can always get images. Sometimes these images seem to make no sense but later they will. I can not always translate what information I am given. Then I look at the card, which has information already written on it. I do the same thing with tarot cards. Spreads do not do it for me, too cliche.

Generally I read timelines and work as a medium, not needing physical tolls, but clients like them.

People are dealing with issues now and often need medication and professional help. You must guide them to this end. Readings often become about 'issues with tissues', lots of crying and mediumship to talk to deceased loved one. People suffer from guilt anger and other repressed emotions that do come through in a reading and must be released. You cannot always read the physical aspect of the person. You must get that information, but tapping into the emotional body is just as important.

I spend lots of time talking with these deceased entities, especially since 9/11. Often the room where I read fills with a floral scent, flower of life. Sometimes there are other smells, like food, or cigars, etc. Some of these spirits are very funny and tell interesting jokes and anecdotes. Others bring more serious information.

In the Age of Spirituality clients often want to know about their spirit guides. Some of the clients have experienced their guides in meditation, dream state, or even in ectoplasmic form. You may be able to bring them that information.

All in all, reading someone is a very serious responsibility whether you are a professional or just a beginner.

ALL readings will give you at least one bit of information your client needs to hear, even if you are just a beginning. Do not judge yourself too harshly if you do not get messages. Use your abilities in the endless healing and energy realms.

Many people are naturally gifted at doing readings while others never get the hang of it and eventually put their cards away or pass them on to another. Success is about opening to channel, believing the information receive, accepting the first response, removing your ego from what you receive, learning to read timelines, and building confidence in what you do.

Once you have found an oracle of divination that works for you, begin by reading for friends and family. You amazed at your accuracy in most cases. This is a good sign and you should continue to develop you skills fine tuning your connection to the other side.