Question Marks, Quests, Questions

We All Have Quests and Questions

The Question Mark

Question Marks are Help Icons. We search for help.

We are in a process of transformation.

The Question Mark Butterfly

Meditation ... Initiation ... Questions ... What's next?

It happens to everyone: As you study metaphysics, you eventually reach a saturation point with meditations and energy work. Meditation either becomes a healing tool for you, in which balance and relaxation is the goal, or you get frustrated because your questions are not being answered, or the messages received are influenced by your emotions and do not unfold as you were think you were shown/promised.

Here is an example. "The Book" ... How many people were 'told' that the book they are writing, generally their story of overcoming pain, suffering, and obstacles, will become a best seller? Then it does not happen, especially in the structure of today's literary world. The focus of writing the book was a catharsis of the person's emotional programming, allowing them to release ... heal ... balance ... receive messages the way psychics do. Further, events in physical reality must factor into the final outcome.

To receive messages quickly as you evolve, is to close your eyes, or focus your attention 'away'... get the message ... then stop. Do you get the message? The faster ... the better. No message received? Then that's your answer. Never dwell. Either it works or it doesn't. As you know, this is especially true of relationships. Either both people want to be in a relationship or it will end.

Energy work goes to Initiation, with reminders of the ancient mystery schools and a feeling of connection through the grids. They can be with a group or alone. Initiation is about focusing your attention/intention on higher frequency ... and 'viola' you can get easily there in today's grid. Part of initiation goes to out of body experiences and again ... the healing grid.

As with meditation ... the faster you think, the faster your consciousness moves and you evolve. That's the goal. I am always hopeful that those who read this column daily, are moving closer to this point (of entry and exit) ... you are beyond the baby steps of the healer, mediator, and initiate and ready for the next.

In the meantime, learn to manifest in the physical and pay attention to what your soul is manifesting for you at this time. The job that suddenly comes along ... the partner that you meet by accident ... evaluate quickly .. figure out why your soul guided this to you ... then make your final decision.