The Maiden Voyage of the Queen Mary 2

The Passage - Crossing Over

Thursday - April 22, 2004

Reality is about Passages - bridges of consciousness from one experience to another. Stories have passages that guide our journeys...

"Wake up! Wake up!" Z shouted in my head. There I was, soundly asleep, dreaming about the groaning sounds of Tibetan monks chanting.

I jumped up in bed! The clock radio read 6:15. Outside - I could hear the sounds of helicopters and fog horns [Tibetan chants? - An external stimulus causing a dream image?] - from boats passing under the Verrazano Bridge in the dense fog that was just beginning to lift.

I pulled up the bedroom shade and I put on the TV. A woman reporter, in a helicopter, was talking about about high security in New York Harbor and New Jersey.

I made a quick psychic scan and determined that terrorists had not attacked. Further - I do not see that happening in NYC again.

6:20...The sun was up ... trying to inch its way through the fog.

Z shouted, "Get your digital camera...The QM 2 is about to go under the bridge on its maiden voyage."

I though about the Queen Mary I - which is now a Ghost Ship and a trans-Atlantic journey I made in 1991 on the QE 2 - where I did psychic readings and gave lectures. It was fun to sit at the Captain's table and read people from 40 different countries.

12:15 pm - Afternoon update - - - Military air traffic remains heavy .....

7:00 - Ron called from Manhattan as he drove past the QM 2 docked at Pier 92 on the west side which is not far from Ground Zero.

All he could says was, "The ship is unbelievable!"

Traffic on the west side was not moving as people stopped to gawk at the QM 2 which is so enomorous it is longer than the dock. Smaller boats are off the stern protecting the ship so no other boats accidentally ram into it. There is an enormous amount of security everywhere. The top of the QM 2 is so high it can be seen above some of the taller buildings in the city."

Virtual Tour of the Queen Mary 2...

Another moment in history at my doorstep...

I got my digital camera and ran onto my terrace where I took the following pictures as the QM2 passed under the Verrazano Bridge. Z was watching on the other side of the bridge. I could hear a man on the ship describing the scenary and the history connected to this passage - and passing the Statue of Liberty in another minute....

It's all a sacred journey...cycles repeating in fractals of time.

Tug Boats - Pull the QM2 into New York Harbor

Here comes the QM 2 on the left....

Helicopters - Coast Guard