Psych Out

September 21, 2004

Today I was one of 69 psychics hired to do a media event in Manhattan at The Shops at Columbus Circle. The event was so successful, they paid many of us to stay for an extra hour.

We were greeted by the people sponsoring the events, camera crews from Court TV, and the psychics, many of whom traveled from far away to be here today.

As soon as I saw the set-up of the tables, I immediately knew I belonged on the upper level near the windows, and showed my friend George, who came to assist me, the exact table I knew would sit at to do the readings. Though my original designated area was on the main floor, I quickly asked Z to remedy the situation. A woman next to me suddenly asked if anyone would be willing to move upstairs as she wanted to be on the main level. And so we changed places. Table assignments were optional. As it turned out, the area I chose was the VIP section, for special people attending the event, so the readings were very powerful. I quickly took the table near the window as it called to me just I arrived. I always feel most comfortable overlooking things and loved the openness of it all.

I sat on the level of Borders Books, just over to your right.

I met a British psychic named Paula who used to tape her TV show at ELA studios in Manhattan, just after I taped my show, 'The Metaphysical Experience'. We often met during post production. It was fun to reminisce about old times. Meeting psychics from the old days reminded me of past times and journeys in which my soul wanted to connect with these people and be part of their frequency. Briefly, in the scheme of things, we did. We experience life in chapters, each one changing the grid matrix that surrounds us, and thus attracting the people, places and events we wish to experience at those points in our lives.

Many psychics I met again, today, have evolved through the years since last we met, while a few remain as they were. In today's energies, it seems in retrospect that whatever was very important before, was nothing more than a stepping stone to the next.

Most souls are now in the healing grid to become aware of who they are and how they can move into the next realm of consciousness. The internet has been an amazing tool to guide people's journeys. It was wonderful meeting Crystalinks readers from as far away as Florida. Thank you all for showing up. And special thanks to George who helped us make this a special day.