Return of the Priestess Energies

March 2003

The Priestesses are returning, reuniting in body mind and soul. This is not about 3D issues, but soul purpose.

The shifting of consciousness through DNA Reunion of male female aspects of soul

In the past few weeks, Many of my clients have been priestesses in past / parallel lives. There is instant recognition of soul.

They come for readings, but our time together goes way beyond their 3D dramas and issues and into their soul purpose, for they know that is why they are here. They have always known. They are ready.

All have been awakening for a long time and generally need no formal training, healing with kindness and compassion and their Light. It is that Light which guides them through the maze of 3D.

The priestesses have different mission. Some are healers, others Keepers of the Records, the sacred information bestowed on them at the beginning of each cycle and released at the end of Time.

They live in many countries, some having come to the US, following their guidance as was spoken in the temples. The temple also reflects the Third Eye - Intuition, Feminine Aspects of Soul.

They know and are priestesses as they remember. It is amazing how they are drawn to each other by their Light and purpose.

Most have the priestess persona, slim, long hair, carry a Light which makes them charismatic, compassionate, understand the game and the illusion, all sense a time of closure signaled to them through dreams, visions, synchronicities, rainbows, personal writings and art, animals such as birds, etc.

Men who have evolved often seek these priestesses in dreams and their visions of a women connected to their soul. They seek SHE who is pure of spirit and has the answers. SHE who can guide their purpose and awaken who they are. For it is SHE who guides the Light.

They guide the inner child in all of us

our emotional bodies, to a place of renewal.

They create new realities, through geometry and the matrix

the long hair representing the weaving of a new blueprint and a sign of strength.

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