Prerequisites For Marriage

- Testing for STD's and Sperm Count as so many couples have problems conceiving or have social diseases hidden from their partners

- Psychological Profiling: Does the partner have a mental illness? Is he/she prone to violence or has come from an abusive background and will repeat this pattern? Can this person function in a marriage?

- Addictions: These are often hidden from partners: sex, gambling, drugs, drinking, spending.

- Homosexual patterns: Does your partner feel drawn to same sex partners but keeps it hidden and will stray and leave you later?

- Background Check: Incarcerations, mental health, other

- Can you and the partner remain monogamous?

- Do you and your partner have the same goals: marriage, where to live, to have children, careers, education

- Money: Prenuptial agreements, homes owned - Varies with first and second marriages

Karma: Does it lie with you, for a long time, to make a child and leave

Intuition: Is something telling you not to marry this person?

We all change through our lives and often have no idea when and where these changes will occur, especially when we become enlightened and the spiritual realms are where we know we belong. This involves living in a balanced home environment.

As we change, so does the nature of our relationships with our partners. This is the cause of many failed marriages especially when the couple marries at too young an age.

Teen marriages are most often doomed as the two souls are children when they marry who need to find out who they are before they plan to spend a lifetime with a partner. Most teen marriages are about pregnancies and end after the child is born.

We search for the soulmate who is on our level, with each stage we go through. Sometimes we find them but often they do not exist for us. Some people move past this while others believe that the person will show up one day to bring unconditional love and be part of the spiritual journey. For some souls this happens, but even with the perfect soul mate, rarely does it last forever.

I am reading more and more people who reach the late 30's and have not found a suitable mate. What do I tell someone who is tired of dating and meaningless conversations and would like to marry and have a baby?

I wrote the prerequisites marriage to save people painful years and major mistakes. It is often better to find oneีs self, than be part of something that is so detrimental, especially in these times of spiritual evolution. I also feel that all couples should live together before marriage. The sexual component should be experienced before marriage to see about compatibility. For example, I read many people whose partners like sex once a month, while they would like sex daily. This will cause coupes to stray. Sexual compatibility is a major part of the equation, as we are not born to be monogamous.

Humans often tend to abuse each other. It is part of their DNA programming. To have a good relationship one needs a partner who is mentally healthy or they will drag you down. We often wonder about those who seek to live alone by choice. With so many fractured souls, and scenarios out there, it is often the best way to go.

Be sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you get married.