Pink Walls of Illusion

April 21, 2003

I live in the penthouse floor of an apartment building in Brooklyn. Today, as I was walking down the hall from the elevator, to my apartment, something strange happened. I have to pass 4 other apartments before I get to mine.

Just after I passed the first door, I noticed a pinkish lavender colored orb of light. This was not the soul sparks of light one sees out of their peripheral vision from time to time. This was an orb of light, covering about one third of the wall, that startled me. It disappeared a few seconds later.

As I passed the second door, I was shocked to see the wall between the second and third door also with a pinkish orb, larger than the first one. I stood there waiting to see if something was going to come through, as if I expected the orb to open into a portal, but nothing happened.

On I walked past the last wall, to get to my door and this time, much to my surprise another orb appeared this time larger than the first two orbs. All of the robs were the same color and all were transparent, as if peering through a bubble. I stood there gazing at it wondering if I would be brave enough to pass through were it to open. Carefully I put my hand up to touch it, but all I felt was the wall. Suddenly that orb disappeared as if a message had been given and did I get it? I wasn't sure at that point.

I wondered if I would have walked through a portal had it had actually been one. I do believe i would have though I do not believe my work here is complete and not time for the bubble (our reality) to burst. I had never experienced anything like this before and not sure I ever will again. I had attracted this experience of sequential orbs for a reason I would have to think about. All I could conclude was they had something to do with the closure of the program.

Flying Free

Z, my guide, showed me the Cheshire Cat grinning, symbolic of he who has the information but is not releasing it yet, the Trickster at play, more Alice in Wonderland symbology, not to mention the The Walrus and The Carpenter. Z also showed me a blue plaid ice bag filled with ice. It was applied to the top of someone's head (consciousness). I zoomed in on the top of the ice bag. The white cover was spiraling off as it opened. (consciousness frozen time, melting down)