Old Souls

A client asked me recently if she was an 'old soul'.

It had been a long time since I had heard that expression. It is very New Age, yet with a feeling of importance at being an old experienced soul with lots of past lives and a need to hear the answer Yes.

Most people who see themselves as old souls, have an inner understanding that they will not be returning to third dimension or a physical body. They see themselves in realms of balance and higher light. They do not seek the lessons of the emotional grid, having had their fill of issues and games. In truth the whole program is ending and no one is coming back

Slinky Effect

Reality is consciousness. Consciousness moves upward (faster frequency) or downward (slower frequency) in spiraling patterns. This mirrors the movement of our DNA and is linked to the file 11:11. The higher the frequency, the greater your conscious awareness becomes, enabling you to view reality with different archetypes that bring additional meaning to your virtual experience here.

Your consciousness is simultaneously experiencing in many realities in the slinky loops of time. The base, linear time, is part of the illusion of third dimension or physical reality, to enable souls to experience emotions. Third dimension is the slowest moving level of consciousness, the base of the slinky. Once there, you forget the other realities, 'dots' on the slinky above, and experiences you are having, as you cannot understand their archetypes with your physical mind. therefore there are no old souls, Only those who are having endless multiple experiences in this grid and others.

Old souls are the searchers, the questors, healers, the teachers, who realize they are experiencing multidimensionally and want to learn more. They sense impending universal change. Remember that the final quest is the alchemy of consciousness, the mind spiraling through time and space into awareness as the program ends. A soul who is ready to evolve into higher frequency of light and understanding of the nature of reality, will understand and seek their soul purpose, their hidden mission, that which is revealed at the end of this cycle of time.

If you are reading these words, your soul has guided you here. You are an old soul.

Z, my spirit guide, also known as Zoroaster, shows me the symbol of an old soul as an old worn out shoe boot whose laces are now being tired together as it struggles to walk home. Soon it will get rid of the old shoes and fly free.

We find the old Masonic Program - old boots and worn out laces, places. The background takes us to ancient writings, fighting for freedom. Consciousness moving across Europe to the US to set up this timeline. Information hidden in the fabric of creation, veiled in time. The loneliness of sole.

The Cobbler's Rod

Doesn't it look like the rods of the Zep Tepi? The rod is 'in the wooden box' (physical plane.) There are two souls on either side, 'lasts'. The shaping of the sole, Iron (electromagnetic energy, power of attraction.) It is attached to the box with a pole, polarities. In the box are different size souls some old.