The Evolving New York City Taxi Scene

Wednesday July 9, 2014

If you have issues with public transportation and don't have time to walk, you might want to use a:

Yellow NYC Taxi

The taxicabs of New York City are widely recognized icons of the city, come in two varieties: yellow and green. Taxis painted canary yellow (medallion taxis) are able to pick up passengers anywhere in the five boroughs. I remember when a medallion cost $8,000. (It's like a business). Today they can be over $700,000. Read more ...

Boro Taxi

Boro Taxis are allowed to pick up passengers (street hails or calls) in outer boroughs and in Manhattan above East 96th and West 110th Streets. The color of boro taxis is apple green (bright green) in contrast to the traditional yellow taxis in New York City. Read more ...

Car or Limo Service

This is the way I travel when I don't drive. These are usually Lincoln Town Cars. They have fixed rates so you know what you'll pay before you get in (plus a tip and the price of certain bridges or tunnels if you use them which now cost $7.50 and $5.33 with an EZ Pass - one way.


Zipcar is a US membership-based carsharing company providing automobile reservations to its members, billable by the hour or day. Zipcar was founded in 2000 by Cambridge, Massachusetts residents Antje Danielson and Robin Chase. Read more ...

Lyft Car with a Mustache on the Front

Lyft is a privately held, San Francisco based transportation network company whose mobile-phone application facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing by enabling passengers who need a ride to request one from drivers who have a car. Unlike traditional taxis, Lyft drivers do not charge fares but instead receive "donations" from their passengers. Read more ...

  Lyft Launches in Brooklyn & Queens - July 9, 2014

This week, we take a historic step forward in bringing community-powered transportation to all corners of the country. After months of receiving unprecedented support from tens of thousands of residents, Lyft will launch in New York City on Friday at 7pm local time, with the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens as our first communities.

Lyft Is Coming to NYC, and the Taxi Commission Is Already Fighting It   Motherboard - July 9, 2014
Lyft, the popular rideshare competitor to Uber, says it's ready to throw its mustachioed cars into the crazy mix of taxis, black cars, and other driver services that shuttle people around New York City. Problem is, the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission says if the company doesn't certify its drivers as taxis, it's going to take action.


Uber is a venture-funded startup and transportation network company based in San Francisco, California, that makes mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. The company arranges pickups in dozens of cities around the world. Cars are reserved by sending a text message or by using a mobile app—the latter can also be used by customers to track their reserved car's location. Read more ...

With New Delivery Service, Uber Declares War on Google and Amazon   Discovery - August 19, 2014
Uber is already an expert in getting you from door-to-door. Now, the company wants to figure out how to deliver stuff to your door as well. On Tuesday, Uber announced a pilot program for what it calls Uber Corner Store, a service that would allow Uber users in the Washington D.C. area to get staple items like toothpaste and bandages delivered from local stores.

Uber Claims It's Now Cheaper Than NYC Yellow Taxis   Huffington Post - July 9, 2014
Uber announced it will be temporarily offering cheaper fares for its low-end UberX service in New York City, making it cheaper to use the popular car-hailing app than a traditional yellow cab, the company claimed in a blog post on Monday. The move discounts prices by 20 percent, and follows similar price cuts in a slew of other cities including San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta.

My Favorite Taxi -- Bruce Willis in "The Fifth Element"